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Sep 06
Shambhala News Service
Shambhala seeks International Director of Practice and Education

Shambhala International LogoThe Director of Practice and Education heads the Office of Practice and Education, whose focus is overseeing and supporting the consistent and skillful application of the policies and curriculum of the pillar of Practice and Education throughout the mandala.

The Director of Practice and Education is appointed by the Sakyong, on the recommendation of the Kalapa Acharya and the Executive Director. S/he works closely with and is guided by the Kalapa Acharya and the Sakyong who oversee the development of the path and curriculum. Like all members of the Kalapa Executive, s/he reports to the Executive Director of Shambhala in all matters related to Shambhala governance.

The International Director of Practice and Education also works closely with the Director of Practice and Education for Shambhala Europe, the Chair of the Acharya Council, the International Program Manager, the Director of Shambhala Online and the portfolio acharyas (such as the Rupa Acharya and the Dean of Meditation Instructors), to implement and support curriculum and sacred ritual, to design and support international programs, and to oversee the development of teachers and meditation instructors, thus deepening study, enriching practice and enhancing our capacity to reach many people. The person in this role serves to integrate and help codify the work of many people who have been appointed to develop aspects of our practice and education path.

The Director of Practice and Education is the main support and reference on matters of Practice and Education for all local Directors of Practice and Education in Shambhala Centres and groups, and is responsible for their appointment. In this capacity, s/he is available for regular communication with local Directors of Practice and Education and sees each of them as her/his team. S/he also works closely with members of the Kalapa Executive to integrate the development and implementation of support services to our land centres, city centres and groups.

The person in this role also serves as a partner in further exploring how the depth of our wisdom tradition leads to enlightened society or social transformation.


  • Supporting Shambhala Centres, Land Centres and Shambhala Meditation Groups.
    The Director of Practice and Education is responsible for communication and support to a network of more than 250 Practice and Education leaders and over 1000 teachers worldwide. This office provides expertise and acts as resource and advisor in matters of Shambhala practice and education, answers educational queries on all programs and manuals, and communicates and implements educational updates or changes as necessary. The office is responsible for updating and communicating the role of local Directors of Practice and Education and ensuring that they are properly trained and supported to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Curriculum and program support
    The Director of Practice and Education oversees the programming and activities of the Shambhala path, collecting information and feedback, providing support for teachers and leaders, and acting as a communications and logistical bridge from centres and students to the acharyas and the Sakyong. S/he is also responsible for convening gatherings and other projects and activities designed to support the delivery of the core path curriculum throughout the mandala.
  • Change Management
    The Shambhala path and the path of teacher development are often evolving and the Director of Practice and Education is responsible for helping to skillfully manage such ongoing change. This includes balancing the ideals of the curriculum with the everyday practicalities of local centres and the needs of students.
  • Training Teachers and Meditation Instructors
    The Director of Practice and Education works closely with the Kalapa Acharya, Dean of the Teachers Academy, Dean of Meditation Instructors and acharyas to design the training programs for all levels of meditation instructors, teachers and directors. The director oversees the administration and implementation of all of the training programs and manages the application processes for these trainings (when appropriate). The Shambhala Office of Practice and Education is responsible for maintaining the international database for all meditation instructor and teacher authorizations in Shambhala. It is the sole responsibility of the Office of Practice and Education to grant and suspend such authorizations.
  • Communication “Hub”
    There are numerous and diverse projects connected with practice and education. Each project is often under the direction of a specific person, such as one of the portfolio acharyas. The Director of Practice and Education acts a center of communication, linking and supporting these various projects.
  • Supervising Major International Programs
    The Director of Practice and Education supervises and supports the International Program Manager on the planning and implementation of major Shambhala programs such as Enlightened Society and Sacred World Assemblies, Abhishekas, Scorpion Seal Assemblies, Warrior Assembly and other programs developed by the Sakyong. This office is responsible for the online application process and reviewing all applications for these programs, seeking consultation as necessary.
  • Hiring and Supervising Staff
    The Director of Practice and Education is responsible for the hiring and supervision of staff in the Shambhala Office of Practice and Education, ensuring compliance with the conditions and procedures established for staff relations.
  • Qualities and Skills:

    The successful candidate will:

  • Be authorized as a meditation instructor and teacher within our mandala.
  • Have leadership experience within our mandala.
  • Be interested in visioning and expanding Shambhala’s learning opportunities and presence within and beyond our current mandala.
  • Ideally, have related professional experience with business or institutional management and organizational development.
  • Be self-directed and self-motivated.
  • Be comfortable and excited by change and evolution, and be able to create structure to support new initiatives and policies for a growing, dynamic and complex community.
  • Have team management and change management experience.
  • Be able to work in collaboration with others, cultivating and maintaining relationships, and empowering teams.
  • Be a skillful and gracious communicator.
  • Have experience, or at least an interest, in developing multilingual/ multicultural programming.
  • Be competent and confident with computers and the internet.
  • Enjoy working with online technology.
  • Job Details

    Start date: Immediate

    The successful candidate will have already received the Rigden Abhisheka, and be authorized as a Meditation Instructor and teacher in Shambhala.

    The position is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Salary: this position may be full time or part time, depending on the candidate. $30,000 to $37,000, plus program and health benefits.

    Submitting an application:
    Applications will be accepted through September 25.

    To apply for this position, kindly send a letter describing your interest and suitability for the position, along with a resume to:
    Debbie McCubbin, assistant to Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel
    Email address: [email protected]

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