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Oct 26
Scene and Heard
Letter from Beyond

Temo Svirely

Temo Svirely

Letter written to the Shambhala sangha by Temo Svirely just before he died

Temo Svirely, originally from the country of Georgia, lived in Kiev, Ukraine
April 21, 1964 to October 21, 2014

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Noble Sangha, Warriors Of Shambhala!

My dear ones, I’m leaving for the great journey. Despite the unbearable pain and suffering that I feel, everything is going well; the illness has not been able to plant in me either fear nor harshness.

Feelings of deep equanimity have entered my heart. It is completely empty like a black hole in space, and the white transparent light is pouring from it in a continuous flow.

My mind is gathered, opened and fearless; it sees the wholeness and enjoys the richness of details.

My dearest ones! Our Ukrainian Sangha is a very young tree that just started to take roots: there are new sprouts – Shambhala families and beautiful children are born. I am rejoicing to see all this!

Brave Warriors of Shambhala, our sangha has not had this experience before, we have not yet met with death as warriors, face to face. Therefore we need to extract the maximum benefit for us in order to transform all the heavy and painful experience of exit and decay into the ringing, sharp as a razor blade, Ashe!

This will help us all to put down deeper roots of confidence, to gain strength, to feel the power of teaching, to grow up.

So, do not miss this unique opportunity, to practice these teachings when you are alive – without fear or doubt do practice black ASHE!!

As far as I am concerned – please be sure I will travel my path with dignity!!!

Yours in the vision of the Rising Golden Sun of the Great East!!!

With love, Temo Svirely

Donations to the family of Temo are greatly appreciated, and can be offered through the purchase of his artwork. Visit his website here: svirelyart.com

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4 responses to “ Letter from Beyond ”
  1. What a brave and generous warrior, who walked among us. Thank you to all who shared it.

  2. Temo is great inspiration for me to appreciate life fully

  3. Ans de Vries
    Oct 27, 2014

    Thank you Temo for your very dignified, inspiring and deeply moving message. Love, Ans

  4. Kochany Temoszka, thank You dear friend for this letter! Reading it I was smiling and crying at the same time. See you brother!

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