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Oct 27
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Invitation to Healing and Enrichment Pujas

photo by Ian Bascetta

photo by Ian Bascetta

The Sakyong will be performing two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala in mid-November during his fall retreat in Parpeng, Nepal. These practices are opportunities for community members to request the Sakyong to specifically dedicate his personal practice to assist us, our households, loved ones, friends, and endeavors throughout the year.

The first practice will be a Healing Puja to increase health and dispel obstacles to well being. During this time, the Sakyong will practice for the vitality and healing of everyone in Shambhala, our families, and friends. Practice during this puja will focus on strengthening all aspects of physical and emotional health, as well as assisting in overcoming physical illness and more subtle obstacles like depression.

The second intensive practice is a Wealth and Enrichment Puja. Wealth pujas have the aim of enriching and enlivening all of our aspirations in order to have a more meaningful life and impact on the world. Our aspirations may be related to enlivening creative endeavors in our livelihood, business, education, households or more generally whatever we wish to enrich in our lives.

These pujas are for all of Shambhala. We can also request the Sakyong to specifically help a friend, loved one, or ourselves through these practices. If we wish ourselves or a friend to be included, it is traditional to offer their name along with an offering to the teacher. These names are read to the Sakyong as part of the puja itself. We can also include a short description of the situation surrounding the request, however the most important connection is the name of the person. The names and descriptions are kept confidential and burned at the conclusion of the puja.

To include someone in either puja, please fill out the information at this site. Another announcement will be sent when the exact dates of the pujas are known, with the deadline for sending names and offerings.

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3 responses to “ Invitation to Healing and Enrichment Pujas ”
  1. If you look at the online form you’ll see that the payment amount field is required. But practice is free and is the greatest offering. As CTR wrote in the Sadhana of Mahamudra:

    No material offering will please you
    So the only offering I can make
    is to follow your example.

    If you feel that someone you know needs help you can do tonglen for them.

  2. Scott Duncan
    Oct 31, 2015

    For the Windhorse fund raising campaign
    May it be a success ,and benefit all beings
    Scott Duncan

  3. Lodro - Daniel Baker
    Oct 28, 2015

    I don’t like to stir the pot too much but what about an option for those who do not have funds?

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