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Jun 26
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Gesar Fund: Reports and Contracts

In this Gesar Fund update we explain all those odd-looking reports and contracts that you may have seen in past articles

by Gesar Fund staff members

You might have noticed it over the past few years: every Gesar Fund update includes photographs, and in amongst the photos of nomads, schools, TB testing, and education projects, occasionally an image of a document would also appear — a document written in Tibetan script or in Chinese characters. These are reports, or sometimes contracts. They come into being because we require reports from schools that carry out tuberculosis tests supported by the Gesar Fund, reports that include the names, ages, and of course the test results of the students.

Tailoring students with their contract

This is an ordinary and normal practice, and for us it is one that goes without saying. We also sign contracts for the education of students, such as the version shown here with three tailor students from the clothing factory in Yushu. Yet, there is another reason why the Gesar fund signs contracts and expects reports. Often a contract is not simply a business agreement, but also has a moral aspect. The moral side is often represented by the presence of a lama at the moment of signing a contract. His presence brings to the signing a moral or spiritual implication. In Tibetan culture, where daily life is closely intertwined with spiritual life, this implication can be highly significant.

The result of this practice is that the Gesar Fund is often taken much more seriously than other non-governmental organizations operating in the area. It helps to ensure that projects funded by our donors’ money are also taken very seriously, and increases the level of trust for our donors. We greatly appreciate the trust our donors have in us!

For more information about the Gesar Fund and ongoing projects, please visit our website, especially our Projects Page.

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