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Dec 25
Arts and Poetry
The Ability of Crazy

poem offered by Wendy Elizabeth Langmuir Baks, long-time member of the Shambhala community, living in Toronto

Crazy is simply an ability
to walk
amongst the moonbeams
with arms and wings
wide open
my love

And thunder snow
all around crackling
our ears --- A refrain
so unstoppable
yet so ungraspable
and unfathomable

Yet we have each note
written on the under layers
of our skin

No need to see with our eyes
No light
Yet so brilliant


Crying out like a golden eagle
the peeiresssssssssing
rays ... ... ...

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1 response to “ The Ability of Crazy ”
  1. we can (she) the(a)…….we just need to communicate very, very, very much———————i got a very nice feling—recolection—–from your word flow,,,creation……………thank you,,,,,,,,,,,Duncan Wells………………….P.S…….(RRRR————our hearts are art)

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