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Feb 10
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Sakyong meets Kalapa Council to plan 2020 Vision

Kalapa Council with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo met with the Kalapa Council over the course of three days at the end of January to contemplate the next steps that would move Shambhala forward in accomplishing the Sakyong’s 2020 Vision.

During the three days, the Sakyong shared a commentary he has written on the Shambhala Vow and Enlightened Society, a text he has written on Shambhala meditation and other writings that will be shared with Shambhala leaders and practitioners in the coming year.

In his Letter of the Morning Sun, the Sakyong wrote: If Shambhala as a vision, a lineage, and a community is to have any real effect on the world, the next ten years are essential. We must now begin to organize, train, and develop ourselves with greater commitment and determination. Therefore, I ask all Shambhalians to see the next ten years as a time to truly challenge ourselves. If we can make substantial progress over this time, I believe we will have shifted the momentum of the lineage and vision toward being able to fulfill the Dorje Dradul’s intentions.

The full report of the Kalapa Council, outlining the six major themes of its meeting, is on the Kalapa Council blog: please click here to view it.

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1 response to “ Sakyong meets Kalapa Council to plan 2020 Vision ”
  1. Kim Nelson
    Jan 28, 2013

    I am willing to devote the next ten years to promote Shambhala vision. How do I help? What does the organization need most from its members?

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