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Apr 16
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Joining a Global Conversation

photo by Charles Blackhall

photo by Charles Blackhall

Every member of Shambhala today receives a letter from the President of Shambhala inviting them to join global conversations about the future of humanity and our planet.

This letter is accompanied by a short survey that enables people to join this initiative. The survey is going out ahead of the publication of The Shambhala Principle, and is linked to the Sakyong’s wish to stimulate a conversation, “allowing each of us to participate in the global community of people who wish to shift the destiny of our planet.”

The Shambhala Principle
opens with these words: “We humans have come to a crossroads in our history: we can either destroy the world or create a good future.” The book invites us to join a global contemplation of the basic goodness of humanity and human society. In particular it talks about the relevance of basic goodness in education, health care, economics, human rights, our attitudes to wealth and money, and so on.

In almost every field of human endeavor – from parenting and the arts to business and environmental protection – there are already inspiring conversations taking place about the huge challenges that we face. Many Shambhalians are deeply involved in this kind of dialogue and manifesting Shambhala vision in their life and work.

“We already have a nucleus of what we might call ‘affinity circles’ starting in the areas of health care and education, involving Shambhalians who have worked for years in these fields, blending vision with expertise,” says President Reoch in his letter today. Samples of what can emerge from conversations like this will be included in the letter. Three examples are about health care, one about education, and one about the relevance of Shambhala wisdom to environmental sustainability.

An “affinity circle” is a loose, self-organizing conversation among people who share a common interest, do similar work, have similar characteristics or simply feel an affinity with each other. There is no pre-determined structure or pre-requisite for creating or sustaining such a circle. Virtually everything is determined by the interest and inspiration of those who come together in conversation.

“This is about how we can work together to bring the core principle of Shambhala out to the broader world, and join in the many conversations already taking place on the future of humanity and our planet,” says President Reoch.

It will take about five minutes to complete the survey. Everyone is being asked to do this by 5 May 2013.

The survey accompanies the letter sent today to everyone individually, so that the results can be easily tallied using the Shambhala Database. So please check for the letter in your inbox today!

If you do not find the letter (with a link to the survey) in your inbox and you want to participate in the survey, you can go direct to it by clicking here.

Guide to Survey Topics as of 26 March

You will be asked to log into the survey with your Shambhala Account. If you don’t yet have a Shambhala Account, click here to register. If you are having trouble logging in, click on the help links on the log-in page of the survey.

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