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Apr 17
Shambhala News Service
Sakyong’s Prayers for Boston

In further response to the tragedy that shook the Boston Marathon, and Boston itself just two days ago, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche offers the following video message of compassion and wisdom.

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5 responses to “ Sakyong’s Prayers for Boston ”
  1. Dear Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche,

    Thanks for your overwhelming nearness in this grieve,

    Petra Hunsche

  2. Bruce Dodds
    Apr 18, 2013

    Your Majesty,

    Thank you for this wonderful message. Your teachings on enlightened society have been a source of strength for me during the past few days here in Boston. In their light, Boston does not need to be damaged by this event. In fact it feels as though Boston has already picked itself up and gone forward.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, normally scheduled events were cancelled at the Shambhala Center. Director Dan Glenn and Shastri Diana Evans led sessions including the reading of your original message to Boston, tonglen practice, and the opportunity for people to discuss their experiences. There were some amazing stories; perhaps some will appear here soon.

    I personally was nowhere near the finish line when the bombs went off. Still, having something like this happen in your city, which you know and (sometimes reluctantly) love so well, makes an impression. I find myself thinking differently about the many places around the world – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – where such terrible events are daily occurrences. May we each do what we can to change that current.

  3. Dear Sakyong,

    Thank you for your leadership; you continue to inspire us to connect with basic goodness, especially in times of fear and doubt.

    With warmest appreciation,

  4. Betsy Pond
    Apr 18, 2013

    Dear Sakyong, We in San Antonio (and around the world) have been practicing loving kindness and tonglen for everyone in response to the bombings. We are all deeply grateful to have these precious teachings to support us in finding confidence in the deep worthiness of humanity. Being able to touch our hearts in these moments of fear and doubt brings profound courage, sanity and relief. Thank you for your love and guidance. With love, Betsy

  5. Robert O'Keefe
    Apr 18, 2013

    Dear Sakyong, Shambhala Sangha and World,
    Thank You for touching into our hearts and minds as we absorb this latest assault on human celebration-the Boston marathon. Let us carry this feeling of connection forward as we mourn for the loss suffered by the victims of this tragedy. My love to all, Robert

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