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Shambhala Day 2019 Broadcast

Shambhala Day 2019 Broadcast – HIGHLIGHT

Dear Shambhala Community, Cheerful Year of the Earth Boar! Please enjoy this recording of our 2019 Shambhala Day Broadcast. continue
Posted February 15, 2019 by archives-staff
Everything is Better...with a Friend

Everything is Better…with a Friend – HIGHLIGHT

And now, for a little dose of humor…. Karme Choling retreat center in northern Vermont brings you the next in a growing series of music videos. “Everything Is Better With A Friend” features sangha member “T-Biggs” with additional vocals by Alex Vlasic and Adrienne Kehn; camera work ... continue
Posted September 7, 2014 by
Combing Your Hair and Brushing Your Teeth

Combing Your Hair and Brushing Your Teeth – HIGHLIGHT

Geoffrey Gale: tooth brush modelShambhala Times Updates from the Inside Out Editor’s Column by Sarah Lipton Shambhala Times Editor-in-Chief We like to race to the perceived finish line of vajrayana practice, but we cannot forget the importance of the foundations that allow us to travel that path. In Sakyong Mipham’s book, ... continue
Posted June 1, 2014 by Sarah
Ringing in the Year of the Wood Horse

Ringing in the Year of the Wood Horse – HIGHLIGHT

the assembly practices the Shambhala Sadhana,Video of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s Shambhala Day Address on March 2, 2014 from Boulder, Colorado, USA. Produced by Centre East Media with Shambhala Online. Viewing the program were: – 500 people at the Boulder Shambhala Center – an estimated 3,400 viewers online – in 18 ... continue
Posted March 7, 2014 by
Running with the Sakyong

Running with the Sakyong – HIGHLIGHT

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is interviewed for the New Yorker Magazine Last week, New York welcomed Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the leader of the Shambhala Buddhist community, when he spoke at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. The Sakyong, which means “king” – or, literally translated, “earth protector” ... continue
Posted November 21, 2013 by
Tears, Tails, Dickey and Duane

Tears, Tails, Dickey and Duane – HIGHLIGHT

“My friends, we have each other.” by Susan Piver “I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can. I will take love wherever I find it and offer it to everyone who will take it…I will seek knowledge from those wiser and teach ... continue
Posted October 19, 2013 by
Snapshots of Basic Goodness: Children's Hands

Snapshots of Basic Goodness: Children’s Hands – HIGHLIGHT

COLUMN: Snapshots of Basic Goodness Exploring the Basic Goodness of Children through Photos by Ute Schneider, Cologne, Germany “Difficult children don´t exist,” proclaimed an inspiring book I read recently. In this book, Henning Koehler asserts that we need to provide “working places” for children to engage with the elements ... continue
Posted October 12, 2013 by
Food, Conversation and Meditation

Food, Conversation and Meditation – HIGHLIGHT

This year’s Harvest of Peace address by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche was recorded at the conclusion of the Awake in the World Festival in London, UK. The Sakyong speaks about the Festival and three foundational elements of enlightened society, and sends a special message to people affected by ... continue
Posted September 23, 2013 by
Politicians train in Mindfulness

Politicians train in Mindfulness – HIGHLIGHT

A Round-up of Events at London’s Awake in the World Festival article and video by President Richard Reoch Politicians being trained in mindfulness? It’s not a wild dream. It’s happening in Britain’s House of Commons and House of Lords and may be extended to the country’s parliamentary civil ... continue
Posted September 16, 2013 by Richard_Reoch
Sun Camper steals hearts at London event

Sun Camper steals hearts at London event – HIGHLIGHT

Flashmob outdoor meditationReport from the Ground of Awake in the World article by Shannon van Staden, Shambhala Times Reporter video by President Richard Reoch Among the many people who spoke on Day Three of London’s Awake in the World Festival, one of the most moving personal testimonies was from ... continue
Posted September 15, 2013 by
Reading "Hailstorm"

Reading “Hailstorm” – HIGHLIGHT

video by President Richard Reoch The Awake in the World Festival in London devoted it’s second day to Remembering Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Among the many presenters was British actor Richard Hansell who offering a stunning reading of Trungpa Rinpoche’s poem, “Hailstorm”. Also titled, “In the North of the ... continue
Posted September 14, 2013 by
Awake in the World Begins

Awake in the World Begins – HIGHLIGHT

video by President Richard Reoch The Awake in the World Festival is a four day festival focusing on the arts and social vision taking place in the center of London with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, right now. London Shambhala Center Director expresses the purpose of the weekend saying that, ... continue
Posted September 13, 2013 by
Enlightenment in the Age of Disruption

Enlightenment in the Age of Disruption – HIGHLIGHT

Recently, the Sakyong sat down with Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project to discuss the Shambhala Principle and how it could effect the world as we know it. With just over an hour of exceptionally rich dharma, they address themes of technology, fatherhood, and bravery ... continue
Posted July 15, 2013 by
Arts Speak the Shambhala Principle

Arts Speak the Shambhala Principle – HIGHLIGHT

News Report A team of Shambhala artists have come together to make a visual online graphic presentation of one of the key messages in The Shambhala Principle. In the opening pages of The Shambhala Principle, Sakyong Mipham invites us to a global conversation about the future of ... continue
Posted July 4, 2013 by
The Wonder of Bishop Andrus

The Wonder of Bishop Andrus – HIGHLIGHT

by Larry Barnett Shambhala Communications Director In a presentation filled with wit, heart and wisdom, California Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus held his audience in rapt attention for over an hour as he moved through topics as diverse as contemporary physics, holocaust studies, and the meaning of “wonder.” Speaking ... continue
Posted May 18, 2013 by

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