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Apr 15
Mandala Projects, Shambhala News Service
Multilingual Success in Shambhala!

human-977414__340We are delighted to announce that within the past month the Kalapa Media Information Technology Team has made a transition to Universal Transformation Format (UTF-8) which enables Shambhala’s web pages and the Shambhala Database to be vastly more multilingual.

Previously alphabets containing diacritic characters were incompatible with our database. This meant that if you searched for a name in certain languages, the name would have to be misspelled if it had diacritics. Further, all languages that use diacritics—such as Arabic, Chinese, Persian, or dozens of other languages—were completely unsupported on our template websites.

We are now able to store characters that are typically not used in the English language and connect with Shambhala successfully from any country, and in any language in the world!

When asked about this transition to UTF-8, Sophie Leger—the International Translation Coordinator for Shambhala—commented:

This is a critical step in promoting Shambhala culture and the Sakyong’s teachings throughout the world. With this technology, we will be able to begin the daunting but necessary task of translating all web content into the many languages spoken in our international community, We are now laying down the foundations of a truly multilingual organization, where it will no longer be necessary to learn English in order to progress along the path, and where people will hear about Shambhala in their mother tongue.

Vive UTF-8!!!
Viva UTF-8!!!
Wiwat UTF-8!!!

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5 responses to “ Multilingual Success in Shambhala! ”
  1. Kudos to Bernard in Germany, Shambhala’s MahaProgrammer, and Pawel Molenda in Poland, webmaster for Shambhala.org and Shambhala Online, for making this happen! Bravo!

    We look forward to offering courses and resources in multiple languages on Shambhala Online. Recently we had our first bilingual course — Enlightened Society Assembly Preparation — thanks to a great team of translators from Casa Werma.

    Spanish speakers, please visit our page Recursos de Shambhala para hispanohablantes:

  2. Terry Rudderham
    Apr 16, 2016

    Such excellent news!

  3. Heather Scott
    Apr 16, 2016

    Congratulations! This is an exciting step forward for Shambhala.

  4. Marilia Werneck
    Apr 15, 2016

    Even though Portuguese has no diacritic characters, this transition has a direct impact on us because no longer being “necessary to learn English in order to progress along the path, and where people will hear about Shambhala in their mother tongue” is crucial for the growth of Shambhala in Brazil.
    KI KI SO SO !

  5. Carolyn Mandelker
    Apr 15, 2016

    This is fantastic news! Thank you Sophie!!!!

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