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Apr 13
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Tagtruk Mukpo Update

Taggi and Rowan, his shadow

By Jim Christie, Senior Living Provider to Tagtruk Mukpo

Greetings and salutations to family and friends of Taggi Mukpo. In this time of strife and sorrow through out the world, we look, and find daily all the simple blessings we have here at “Cedarbrook Cottage”, in South Walden, Vermont. Despite the isolation of the past several weeks, we still find ourselves: safe (as can be), comfortable, well supplied, our roots dug in deeply on this land to steady us for what will come to pass. The majority of snow in this gentle mountainous area has reseeded into the woods surrounding us, as the earth welcomes the warm of the sun turning the great wheel into Spring. We walk on our land here a few times a day on the trail that loops from the house through the woods and back. We keep the short path (about a 10 minute walk) open all year. Taggi appears content with his life here, though I do think he misses the frequent daily visits of friends and regular gatherings that have always been a part of “Cedarbrook”. Tagdrug celebrated his 48th Birthday quietly at home the 3rd of March. He had a nice meal of his choosing,  received some cards and a Happy Birthday sung over speaker phone from my daughter Erin and granddaughter Samaya. Erin is co-guardian with his brother Ashoka. Both of whom have been quite helpful, involved and caring to Taggi. A special thank you to both of them.

As to the several weeks of our confinement, I am pleased at the easy, calm reliance Taggi provides. He takes all in stride and rarely is negative, other than when Bedtime sometimes arrives at 11 pm and he prefers to stay up.(After 16 hours of tutelage, I require some down time those days.) Television, which I am not a huge fan of, is after 6 pm and does not exceed 3 hours daily. That also encourages a 10-11 pm bedtime. He enjoys going for car rides, and that is built into our week at least once or twice. I generally couple that with a stroll at Lake Caspian in Greensboro which is sedate this time of year, and the puppy likes to have a run at a new/different location. Of course, there is always music, sometimes singing, accompanied with wild dance. He is not too fond of the dance bit, but he gets some laughs at the dog and I. Our trip to Austin to celebrate Spring with Erin was cancelled. Not sure how much Taggi got that trip was our getaway from mud season, but will reschedule once the pandemic is over. Taggi is in good health and appears to be enjoying the harmonies of life. Best wishes from Taggi to all, stay well and many blessings.

James Christie
Shared Living Provider

If you would like to support Tagtruk Mukpo and the efforts of the Tagtruk Mukpo Trust, you are invited to visit this website.

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10 responses to “ Tagtruk Mukpo Update ”
  1. Hi Jim! Thanks for posting this! You and Taggi are in our thoughts and practice here at KCL.

    Please keep in touch. If you need an additional contact, you can always reach me at [email protected].

  2. Emily Bower
    Apr 20, 2020

    James, thank you for this great photo and for the update. With much appreciation to you and Rowan for your care and companionship for Taggi. I’m glad the weather there is allowing for outdoors time. Sending sunshine from Los Angeles,
    Emily Bower

  3. Judith Smith
    Apr 18, 2020

    Thank you so much, James, for posting this Birthday notice for Taggi, and for giving us a bit of a glimpse into his life. My jaw dropped when you said that he is now 48!! Tempus has certainly fugited since 1974 when I first met Taggi. (I saw him last at KCl when I was there for a KTGR program.) Do you remember when (if) he lived at Rumtek? It’s warming to know that you’re obviously taking such good care of him / with him.

    Sending my very best wishes to Taggi, and thanks for what you do!

    Judith Smith

  4. Faith Miller
    Apr 17, 2020

    Thank you for this lovely window into your life with Taggi, and blessings to all of you.

  5. Ashoka Mukpo
    Apr 17, 2020

    Thank you for everything you’re doing to keep Tag safe, healthy, and loved <3

  6. Adana and Jon Barbieri
    Apr 17, 2020

    It’s wonderful to see a picture of Taggi and know a little about his life. Many thanks.

  7. Chris Montone
    Apr 17, 2020

    Thank you for this reassuring report, Jim, and the photo. May Taggi continue to thrive and may you continue to accumulate mountains of virtue for your heroic bodhisattva activity!

  8. Thank you for the update! Wishing you all a thriving healthy life!

  9. Christine Heming
    Apr 15, 2020

    Thank you very much for the update. I can almost see you in the woods.
    Please tell Taggi a very old friend, Christine, says hello.

  10. Janet Lyons
    Apr 13, 2020

    Thank you for this, Jim

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