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Aug 21
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What’s new on Shambhala Times?

“Kiss the Sun”, photo by Mary Benner

Editor’s Column

We have a new look and a load of new features on Shambhala Times! Thanks to our IT team, we’ve got drop-down menus so you can easily search for things you are looking for, and we’ve changed our look to match all the other Shambhala sites. Also, due to the tireless effort of world-wide translators, we can bring you stories in multiple languages (a huge thanks to all the translators).

We also have an entire crew behind the scenes working diligently on making the site more accessible to hearing and vision impaired readers.

The Shambhala Times is quite fortunate to have a fantastic group of volunteers out there helping facilitate the production of our articles (thank you all!). We may not deliver to your door step, but even better, we deliver to your lap(top) nearly every day: the news and insights of our community.

Shambhala Times is a forum for you to tell us what you think, to express your experience of living life as a practitioner of Shambhala vision. We invite you to share with us a story about how basic goodness manifests in your corner of the mandala (even if mandalas don’t have corners…). All of us are engaged in some way with deciphering the paths and steps of the dance, which is creating enlightened society – what is your story?

So please tune in and stay tuned in. We’ve got loads more coming to you this next season. Especially if you chime in with YOUR stories! Get connected with your local center’s blog and let the Shambhala Times know about it – and hey, you might see your neighbor’s article on the home page one of these days, and the week after that – maybe your own!

Keep living the dream out there, folks. And keep letting us know about it!

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