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Nov 19
Arts and Poetry
First Annual Midwinter Haiku Contest

abundanceRequest for Entries
from the Poetry Editorial Board
for the Shambhala Times

if I held it in my hands
my hot tears would melt it —
autumn frost

As we write this, the days are fast growing shorter, the leaves have all fallen, mornings are frosted. What better time to reflect on change, on light moving into darkness, darkness back into light.

We invite you to offer your midwinter haiku. Speak to whatever touches your heart in this time of profound transition.

As most know, traditional haiku takes the form of three lines comprised of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Of course, the form emerged in Japan and Japanese syllables function differently than their English counterparts. So this is up to the poet- touch the traditional lineage of a Basho, or breath the more American air of a Gary Snyder.

The point is to touch the spirit, the spaciousness of haiku and the season Our editors will pick a first place winner, as well as a first and a second runners up. These will be published in a special edition of Poetry Space in January.


Entries for the Haiku contest will close on the winter solstice, December 21.

Submit up to five haiku to [email protected]

All haiku should appear in the body of the submission email and the email should carry “Haiku Contest” in the subject line.

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