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Jun 03
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“Art Happens”: The Parting Un-Vow

Eileen Malloy, who works at a Shambhala Center, writes: “Feeling my reaction to people donating their Shambhala belongings, I wrote this un vow.”

Level 5 Shambhala Training Pin

Inimitable Shambhala.
Say everything you ever wanted to say to anyone,
But couldn’t because you were in polite society.
Relinquish your pins. Release your belonging.
We can stay friends anyway, even if we aren’t now.
“You’ll find new friends.” Allione’s curse.
Having fought with you and hated you secretly and loved you secretly, having been in classes or programs with you.
Having seen you in uniform, on your horse.
Having observed your egocentricities.
Having given space for you to speak.
Can we actually say adieu? Or is it something like being Catholic–you carry it in your DNA.
Like the pearls from your first marriage, does the ashe in your heart yet abide?

Eileen wishes to apologize to anyone who is put off or set off by this.

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