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Poetry Space, Summer 2020

Poetry Space, Summer 2020 – HIGHLIGHT

  In this edition of Poetry Space, we bring you a poem of harm and healing. Generally, we let the poems stand on their own; but in this instance, the author shared a short note on the background of this poem, which we’ve elected to include below. May ... continue
Posted August 30, 2020 by
A Few Thoughts About Karma and Reincarnation

A Few Thoughts About Karma and Reincarnation – HIGHLIGHT

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash by Bob Siegel The Buddhist law of karma emphasizes cause and effect. Our actions have consequences and these consequences in turn affect who we are. This does not negate free will. We can change those consequences by changing our behavior and thereby ... continue
Posted August 25, 2020 by archives-staff
Cartas de tres Acharyas

Cartas de tres Acharyas

Tres acharyas dejaron su puesto recientemente, aquí ofrecemos sus cartas respectivas, traducidas al español. La carta original se encuentra aquí. Querida comunidad Shambhala: Escribo con el corazón triste y tierno. El 1 de julio me jubilé como acharya. Me parece que mi nombramiento hace dos años fue, de alguna manera, un ... continue
Posted August 21, 2020 by archives-staff
Touching the Earth Collective—August 2020 Newsletter

Touching the Earth Collective—August 2020 Newsletter – HIGHLIGHT

This year, the Touching the Earth Collective is delighted to initiate a collaboration with Family Camp, by sponsoring several camp activities and sharing the wonderful article below.  Recalibrating East A testimony about Family Camp, one of Shambhala’s jewels. By Donna Stephens, Marcelle Gilkerson and Tracy Suchocki PART ONE: What is Family ... continue
Posted August 20, 2020 by archives-staff
Three Recent Acharya Retirements

Three Recent Acharya Retirements – HIGHLIGHT

Recently three acharyas retired from their posts.  Below, the Times has published their individual letters to the community. La carta en español se encuentra aquí. Dear Shambhala Community, I write with a sad and tender heart. I have retired as an acharya as of July 1. I feel that my appointment ... continue
Posted August 14, 2020 by archives-staff
Shambhala Global Services…Needs YOU (or someone you know)

Shambhala Global Services…Needs YOU (or someone you know) – HIGHLIGHT

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash by Melanie Klein In my new position as Director of Operations for Shambhala Global Services (SGS), I’m learning a lot about SGS and finding that many Shambhalians don’t know who we are or what we do. I’m also looking to fill a ... continue
Posted August 11, 2020 by archives-staff
Lettera di Walker Blaine, Maestro delle liturgie

Lettera di Walker Blaine, Maestro delle liturgie

30 luglio 2020 Cara comunità  Shambhala, Questa lettera vuole aiutare a chiarire l’impressione che è stata data dalla recente lettera di dimissioni degli acharya, in cui è stato scritto che il Sakyong intende lavorare solo con un gruppo di studenti più piccolo ed esclusivo. Il 21 maggio, il Sakyong ... continue
Posted August 7, 2020 by archives-staff
Release of New Code of Conduct Policies

Release of New Code of Conduct Policies

Dear Shambhala Community — We, as the Board of Directors of Shambhala, are pleased to ratify and introduce  to the Shambhala Community the new Code of Conduct consisting of the following documents: Shambhala Code of Conduct Child Protection Policy Policy for People Holding Positions of Authority Policy to Address Sexual Misconduct Policy on ... continue
Posted August 4, 2020 by archives-staff

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