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Jul 16

Letter from Lady Diana Mukpo

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Office of the Druk Sakyong Wangmo


To the Shambhala sangha,

I write this letter in a difficult time for our community as well as our world. Turmoil engulfs us internally and externally as across society people wake up to the ways the institutions that surround us have failed those who they should serve. Our community is no exception, and the last three years have been a painful reckoning with where we have fallen short of our aspirations.

I spent 17 years of my life with the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and was present for nearly every step of his journey to bring his sacred heritage from his lost homeland to ours. One day, shortly after we moved to Boulder, I said to Rinpoche, “I love you more than anyone in the world.” He responded by saying, “I love you second best.” When I asked who came first, he said, “I will always love my guru Jamgon Kongtrul most because he represents the dharma.”

For two decades, I watched as he devoted every fiber of his being and life force to what he felt was his duty: to share what he brought over the Himalayas with us in these faraway lands. He believed teaching the dharma was his reason for being on this earth, and this permeated all his actions.

During his life as well as after his death, tens of thousands of people contributed to building the sangha that he inspired and guided. They lifted tents so that mountain fields could become sacred teaching environments, cooked meals for one another, washed sheets, windows, and dishes as a service to their fellow practitioners, worked tirelessly to build spaces in cities across the world, and dedicated their precious time and money to our community.

Now, what was built by all that exertion is in peril. Continue…

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An interview with Steve Baker by Johanna Lunn. Steve Baker has recently been appointed Director of the Kalapa Centre in the capital of Shambhala, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Sakyong has been talking a lot about manifesting. …. now it’s time to show the world what Shambhala actually ... continue
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This article by Acharya Adam Lobel discusses the outer, inner, and secret aspects of a Shambhala Meditation Center and how each aspect works together. Outer:  Specifically, meditation practice is our most direct offering.  There is a demand for meditation instruction in our society.  The spirit of ... continue
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Interview with Debbie Coats, Desung Arm Commander

Interview with Debbie Coats, Desung Arm Commander – HIGHLIGHT

Being a desung often means choosing to step in to situations that are uncomfortable or perhaps frightening. In our community desung are kasung who focus on issues of health and well-being or conflicts. So if people are in distressing circumstances or conflicts are occurring, for example ... continue
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The Community Survey: Why It Matters

The Community Survey: Why It Matters – HIGHLIGHT

By Mary Whetsell A little over a year ago, the Shambhala Community Survey was distributed as a way to take a snapshot in time of our worldwide sangha. At that point, President Reoch had visited almost every Shambhala center in the mandala. And while he reported that ... continue
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Growing Old in Shambhala

Growing Old in Shambhala – HIGHLIGHT

By David Whitehorn and the Working Group on Aging In the Shambhala vision, every moment of our life, whatever age we may be, is an opportunity to wake up, to engage straightforwardly with the situation we are in, including our limitations and those of others, and to ... continue
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Penor Rinpoche's 49th Day Ceremony

Penor Rinpoche’s 49th Day Ceremony – HIGHLIGHT

President Reoch is currently visiting Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppee, southern India to attend the 49th Day Ceremony for His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. Penor Rinpoche passed away on March 27, entering into samadhi for eight days before his parinirvana on April 3. By President Richard Reoch His Holiness ... continue
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Penor Rinpoche's "Asking to Remain" Ceremony

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Penor Rinpoche passed away on March 27 at his residence at Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppee, South India. His Holiness entered into samadhi for almost 8 days before his parinirvana on April 3. Several days before his passing, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche sent Tom Bell as an envoy ... continue
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A Place to Be Free: Writing in True Notebooks

A Place to Be Free: Writing in True Notebooks – HIGHLIGHT

Project Pride, a program of the East Bay Community Recovery Project,  is a  residential substance abuse treatment program for incarcerated mothers of young children. Here, Sandy Miller writes about the True Notebooks class she started at  Project Pride after reading a book of the same name ... continue
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Shambhala Governance Training and Mandala Council

Shambhala Governance Training and Mandala Council – HIGHLIGHT

This weekend, in Koln, Germany, from Thursday through Sunday, 7-10 May, the Kalapa Centre Europe hosts a major gathering of the Mandala Council, one of the main governing bodies of the Mandala, in combination with the annual Shambhala Europe Governance Training. This is the “Eastern Hemisphere” ... continue
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What Happened to Shambhala's Highest Priorities after Shambhala Congress in Cologne?

What Happened to Shambhala’s Highest Priorities after Shambhala Congress in Cologne? – HIGHLIGHT

By President Richard Reoch The Third Shambhala Congress was held at the Kalapa Centre (Europe) in Cologne, Germany, in May 2007. Out of the many issues discussed, six top priorities emerged. These were identified by the Mandala Council (on which every Shambhala Centre has a seat) immediately ... continue
Posted May 10, 2009 by

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