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Life, Death & Three-year Retreat

Life, Death & Three-year Retreat – HIGHLIGHT

This is the fourth article in a series on Sopa Choling and the three-year retreat experience. Sharon Keegan shares how personal experiences of impermanence led her into a three-year retreat, and guided her activity in the world when she emerged. Be sure to read the ... continue
Posted January 30, 2011 by

The Sacredness of Society

Society contains profundity and sacredness.The sacredness of society is potent and powerful. I’m sure many people would not accept such an idea. They would think that we are trying to sneak something into the idea of society, to impose some foreign element or idea on it. ... continue
Posted January 28, 2011 by Sarah
Discovering Enlightened Society at Sopa Choling

Discovering Enlightened Society at Sopa Choling – HIGHLIGHT

This is the third article in a series on Sopa Choling and the three-year retreat experience. Shastri Chuck Whetsell describes his experience of discovering enlightened society, slogan by slogan, during his three-year retreat at Sopa Choling. Be sure to read the fourth article and click ... continue
Posted January 28, 2011 by
Following a Path of Practice

Following a Path of Practice – HIGHLIGHT

This is the second article in a series on Sopa Choling and the three-year retreat experience. As Lelia Calder discovered, on the path of practice a three-year retreat may be the next step, however surprising or daunting it may seem. She shares how she arrived at the ... continue
Posted January 26, 2011 by
A Three-year Retreat for Our Mandala

A Three-year Retreat for Our Mandala – HIGHLIGHT

This is the first article in a series on Sopa Choling and the three-year retreat experience. On July 15, 2010, Acharya Larry Mermelstein presided at the gate-opening ceremony celebrating the completion of a full retreat cycle at Sopa Choling, the three-year retreat center located at ... continue
Posted January 24, 2011 by
30 Years Ago at Lake Louise

30 Years Ago at Lake Louise – HIGHLIGHT

Photos from 1981 Vajradhatu Seminary By Tony Bouret This reminiscence from the 1981 Vajradhatu Seminary was broadcast by Tony Bouret on sangha_announce. With his permission, we have reproduced a selection of his photographs below. It’s been 30 years! The 1981 Vajradhatu Seminary was the last of three held ... continue
Posted January 22, 2011 by
Tonglen Tango

Tonglen Tango – HIGHLIGHT

Medium of the breath – tonglen tango a poem by Kunga Dawa LISTEN: medium-of-the-breath-tonglen-tango Alright, I’ll write, not words reflected on but starbursts of radiant light from nowhere, the deepest inner space. It’s neither here nor there, it’s everywhere, its messenger the bright green hummingbird with scarlet throat sipping from red geranium ... continue
Posted January 20, 2011 by
First Open Sky Weekend in Oz

First Open Sky Weekend in Oz – HIGHLIGHT

This fall, 21 Aussies completed Level V and the Heart of Warriorship. This is the first time in Australia that a Shambhala Training Level V has been offered. Maria Losurdo shares her experience of traveling and training in the massive country of Oz. In November, a ... continue
Posted January 18, 2011 by

Ordinary Magic: How a Stupa Got Built in My Back Yard

by Boston Shambhala Member Chris Magnus It all started because one day I woke up with the simple idea to “build something with rocks,” something that would make a barren spot on the hill south of our cabin look a little nicer. When the Vermont cabin was ... continue
Posted January 17, 2011 by Sarah
Finding Chogyam Trungpa's Escape Route

Finding Chogyam Trungpa’s Escape Route – HIGHLIGHT

Join us in celebrating the premiere of Touch and Go by Grant MacLean. This documentary traces the escape route over Himalaya that Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche used in 1959 to lead hundreds of Tibetans to safety in India. The first two parts of Touch and Go can ... continue
Posted January 16, 2011 by
The Cool Realm

The Cool Realm – HIGHLIGHT

Acharya Michael Greenleaf attempts to bring equanimity into the world of teenagers. “Look at you two with the signs on your jackets. You look funny.” My wife, Jeanine, was referring to the logos on our fleece jackets, the ones worn by our oldest granddaughter, Camille and me. ... continue
Posted January 15, 2011 by
A Children's Sun Sadhana

A Children’s Sun Sadhana – HIGHLIGHT

Rochelle Weithorn recorded the New York City Children’s Day performance, which was based on the I-Ching and had the structure of a sadhana. It was written and directed by Jack Niland, produced by Genevieve Waltcher, featured the Milarepa Children’s Chorus, and starred Kings and Queens of ... continue
Posted January 13, 2011 by
Key Developments in Our Mandala

Key Developments in Our Mandala – HIGHLIGHT

The Kalapa Council has offered an overview of what’s been happening across our mandala since their update last June. This far-ranging report highlights the Shambhala Lineage, Mukpo Family, Practice and Education, Governance, the Dorje Kasung, Shambhala Europe, Shambhala Media, Shambhala Online and our networked community, Major ... continue
Posted January 11, 2011 by Richard_Reoch

Offering ride to SG Rigden Weekend

I’m driving down to the Rigden weekend in SF, leaving Eugene early Thurs. morning Jan.20th and returning to Eugene Monday Jan. 24th. I have room for at least 1 rider and possibly 3 riders total, depending on whether two Eugeneans decide to come or not. Laurie Fischer [email protected] 541-683-5866 From: ... continue
Posted January 10, 2011 by
Run & Play on Children's Day

Run & Play on Children’s Day – HIGHLIGHT

Paul Adams offers a window into the joyful celebration that was Children’s Day in Boston. From: Wake up Boston! continue
Posted January 10, 2011 by Sarah

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