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Apr 06

Touching the Earth Collective: April 2021 - 1 comment

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April 2021 Newsletter

Persisting on the Dark Mountain

An interview with Nick Hunt and Charlotte Du Cann, by Greg Webster

Back in the late 2000s two young writers, Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, emerging from environmental activism in the UK, were troubled by the direction of travel they saw around them. As Kingsnorth said later, “The purpose of environmentalism is no longer about anything as naïve as saving the actual environment, it is now about threats to our way of life.” The green movement, in their view, had fallen prey to the siren voices of big business, with the prospect of saving our lifestyles through the new holy grail of renewable energy. Landscapes and intact ecosystems had become fodder for a new industrial revolution, rather than sacred places to protect. This narrative has since played out dramatically around the world. From the Highlands of Scotland to the Mojave Desert, ancient vistas have been sacrificed and iconic species, such as the Joshua Tree, have become acceptable collateral casualties in the rush for decarbonization.

Kingsnorth and Hine decided a cultural response was necessary. In 2009 they launched a manifesto, Uncivilisation, and the Dark Mountain Project was born. The manifesto argued that our civilization has been telling itself the wrong stories – the myth of progress, the myth of endless economic growth, the myth of human supremacy. We needed to tell ourselves stories that reflected the realities of the world around us, of environmental collapse, failing financial systems. We needed to rediscover our proper relationship within nature – to write ‘with dirt under our fingernails.’


COVID-19 Resources on the Shambhala Times

From the Editorial Team— Many resources have been shared by the Shambhala leadership and Community members to help us all through this moment of isolation and uncertainty. Your editorial team has gathered them together here so that this page can be a resource for everyone. We will continue to update this page with resources as […]continue

- 2020-08-04 - 1 comment

Release of New Code of Conduct Policies

Release of New Code of Conduct Policies Dear Shambhala Community — We, as the Board of Directors of Shambhala, are pleased to ratify and introduce  to the Shambhala Community the new Code of Conduct consisting of the following documents: Shambhala Code of Conduct Child Protection Policy Policy for People Holding Positions of Authority Policy to Address Sexual Misconduct Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity and Anti-Discrimination Together, these five policies comprise the new Shambhala Code of Conduct, known as “the Code.” Access the new Code of Conduct: Click Here to Access a PDF of all five Policies continue

Community Articles - 2021-03-25 - 4 comments

Parinirvana Day 2021

Parinirvana Day 2021 Events, Resources & Offerings   The Parinirvana, or passing, of the Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche is commemorated on April 4 each year. It ... continue

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Some Ways to Use Music In Your Meditation

Some Ways to Use Music In Your Meditation By “Jackie Writing Jackie” Meditation practice and music are naturally intertwined. The natural rhythm and tones of music can help you to ... continue

book reviews - 2021-03-15 - 1 comment

Yasodhara and the Buddha: a novel by Vanessa R. Sasson

Yasodhara and the Buddha: a novel by Vanessa R. Sasson Reviewed by Christine Heming This is the story of Yasodhara, the woman who was married to the one who became the Buddha. ... continue

Community Articles - 2021-03-09 - 1 comment

Happy Birthday, Taggie Mukpo!

Happy Birthday, Taggie Mukpo! Taggie Mukpo with Rowan From the Tagtruk Mukpo Trust Taggie Mukpo celebrated his 50th Birthday today. The first son of Lady Diana Mukpo ... continue

Community Articles - 2021-03-05 - comment

Touching the Earth Collective: March 2021

Touching the Earth Collective: March 2021 March 2021 Newsletter “What Level of Threat Are We Facing Now?” Christoph Schönherr now works for The Climate Task Force in Europe, helps coordinate the ... continue

Community Articles - 2021-03-02 - comment

Letter from the Open Torii

Letter from the Open Torii Note: This letter was originally posted at https://www.ldmletter.com/. Este artículo ha sido traducido al español aqui. Cheerful year of the Iron Ox ... continue

Community Articles - 2021-02-23 - 1 comment

Dying Well: A Book and Community Conversation

Dying Well: A Book and Community Conversation With Richard Reoch and Ron Schultz Article by Ron Schultz “I thought I was preparing for death. And in reality, I learned I ... continue

Community Articles - 2021-02-19 - 1 comment

Therapy and Counselling Program for Shambhala Community Members Seeking Assistance

Therapy and Counselling Program for Shambhala Community Members Seeking Assistance Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash Dear Shambhala Community, The Shambhala Board acknowledges that healing and repair is an imperative for our community, ... continue

Dharma Teachings

Dön Season Teachings and Gathering

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash Dön season is the period that falls on the eleven days before before the lunar new year. In Shambhala, the tradition is to perform special practices, including mamo chants, each day of this period in response to the increased obstacles that can gather as a year comes to an end. This year, Shambhala Global Services and Shambhala Online are offering daily mamos practice sessions with talks by senior teachers in our community during dön season. Each day will feature a presentation about a different protector in our tradition or the history and tradition of the mamos chants, and will be followed by group recitations of the mamos chants. Presenters for these “dön days gatherings” will include: Tom Berthoff, Francesca Dalio, Marian English, ... continue

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Art Happens, Share it Here

Poetry Space Fall 2020

  Fall is upon us, though the earth still burns. Such a confusing and groundless time for us all. For this edition, we’re delighted to bring you two poets new to Poetry Space, and two poems that we think travel well together. Please enjoy, and send us your new work! —Jeff Fink, Coordinator of Poetry Space     Granting Gold I kneel beg for a poem. A Haiku will do counting syllables five lily pads in pond seven chirping crickets five chanting monks in temple. I also taste Tanka full of sorrow. Grape tomatoes I toss in my mouth one at a time. They burst. I miss them. A pleasure in ancient treasures lit candles, water bowls at a white altar. Ten fingers come together in prayer resting in center of chest I Am Poem. — Jerrice J. Baptiste is the author of eight books and has been published in numerous journals. In ... continue

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