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Jul 16

Give It A Good Cry - comment

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Respecting our sadness by giving way to tears

by Susie Cook

I am a meditation practitioner, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a teacher, a director, a gardener, a cook, a hiker, an artist, a walker, a smiler, a crier, and, yes, a crier. All my life things in our culture as well as some personal experiences growing up with an alcoholic parent have struck me as incredibly sad, and giving it a good cry is quite helpful.

It feels like we all need to give it a good cry. As we attempt to contextualize our existence, a culture has arisen in our society that is unhealthy in many obvious as well as subtle ways. I imagine that most of us would agree that our collective human culture, with all its beauty, feels to be off and running in a precarious direction. From environmental devastation to the #MeToo movement to our current situation in Shambhala, on and on, our human culture appears to have lost its way. Our response to these collective atrocities appears to be to take a side and blame someone, anyone. Continue…

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The Truth of Interdependence

Rev. angel Kyodo williams: Why Your Liberation is Bound Up With Mine from “Meditation in the City,” the New York Shambhala Center podcast In the face of today’s political and social unrest, is it possible to create a wise, kind, and strong human society? Rev. angel Kyodo williams speaks about how the collective process of waking up is closely related to the truth of interdependence. Listen here. continue

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