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Jan 16

Tears and Joy in Cologne - comment

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Elder practitioners gather to share their inspirations, concerns, and delights

by Petra Hunsche and Josje Pollmann

The first ‘Gathering of Elders’ in Cologne will be remembered as a warm and empowering experience. About twenty-five elder sangha members from different European countries participated in this joyful meeting during a weekend at the end of October.

Three old Shambhala friends–Yeshe Fuchs, Josje Pollmann, and Mieke Corts–took the initiative to generate this inspiring meeting. During a private chat in Hamburg, they enjoyed the feeling of being together ‘just as friends in their golden age.’ But on that occasion, they realized that the Shambhala sangha offers little opportunity to share the utter joy of having practiced such a long time, and to exchange thoughts with other about the wisdom of leading your life as an older practitioner. Continue…

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International Advanced Assemblies Calendar for 2018

International Advanced Assemblies Calendar for 2018 The following Assemblies in 2018 require that you apply and be accepted through the Shambhala Office of Practice and Education: * Enlightened Society Assembly * Warrior Assembly * Sacred World Assembly * Rigden Abhisheka * Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 1 Please follow the link for program dates and information on how to apply and register. continue

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Teen Retreat in Winter

Teen Retreat in Winter Teens gather for practice and conversation in the depths of a cold and snowy Vermont winter by Anne-Marie Keppel Through guidance, inquiry and ... continue

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In Appreciation of Quiet A few thoughts on the delights and sufferings associated with the sounds around us by Larry Barnett I like quiet. I don’t mean ... continue

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Intention and Motivation

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The Snow Man

The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens One must have a mind of winter To regard the frost and the boughs Of the pine-trees crusted with snow; And have ... continue

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Intention and Motivation

The second of two excerpts from An Ocean of Blessings, a book of teachings by Penor Rinpoche; this one emphasizes the practice of Dharma We already possess enlightened mind, buddha nature; it has been there from the very beginning, but we cannot see it because of our obscurations. The only way to see it is to practice the Dharma, confess our negative actions, purify our obscurations, and keep following the right path. If there were no omniscient wisdom within us, there would be no point in going through the hardships of practicing Dharma. For instance, if there is gold in the earth, we can find it by digging, but if there is no gold, then we won’t find any no matter how much we dig. Likewise, ... continue

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