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Sep 21

Shambhala 2020 Annual Report - comment

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Dear Shambhala Members and Friends,

We hope you are all healthy, safe, and that you continue to be well supported during a time of ongoing challenge. We are pleased to share the 2020 Shambhala Annual Report with you, which outlines the activity of the Shambhala nonprofit organization during the 2020 calendar year. Click here to download a PDF copy.

2018 and 2019 were challenging years for our community, during which Shambhala was faced with major leadership transitions and the direction of our community was both explored and questioned by practitioners, teachers, leaders, and members at our Centres and Groups around the globe. These challenges have continued into 2020 – and we have also continued to grow and evolve as a community and organization so that we can be together in ways that are even more supportive, genuine, and kind. 

The world beyond Shambhala has also been rife with upheaval and strife. Global problems and issues related to the pandemic continue to be of concern and people around the world have been grappling with ongoing isolation and economic stress. And social and racial justice issues continue to dominate both the headlines and the ache in our hearts that tells us there is so much work to be done to bring about real equality, peace, and dignity for humanity. 

As a Board, we are committed to leaning into all of it. We will do our best every day to create a community and organization that is aligned with the principles of basic goodness, warriorship, and enlightened society so that we can be of the most possible benefit to one another and the wider world. This is not an easy path, but it is a worthy path and it is a journey we hope we can all take together. For it is only together that we can create a truly kind, just, and caring society.

Thank you for joining us on the road ahead. We are forging ahead with joyful exertion!

The Shambhala Board of Directors

Mark Blumenfeld
Susan Engel
Lilly Gleich
Peter Nowak
Tai Pimputkar
Susan Ryan
Paulina Varas

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Dharma Teachings

Dön Season Teachings and Gathering

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash Dön season is the period that falls on the eleven days before before the lunar new year. In Shambhala, the tradition is to perform special practices, including mamo chants, each day of this period in response to the increased obstacles that can gather as a year comes to an end. This year, Shambhala Global Services and Shambhala Online are offering daily mamos practice sessions with talks by senior teachers in our community during dön season. Each day will feature a presentation about a different protector in our tradition or the history and tradition of the mamos chants, and will be followed by group recitations of the mamos chants. Presenters for these “dön days gatherings” will include: Tom Berthoff, Francesca Dalio, Marian English, ... continue

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