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Aug 12

How Can Meditation Improve Heart Rate Variability? - comment

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By “Jackie Writing Jackie”

The focal point of Shambhala – the idea that all human beings have a fundamentally good nature – can play an important role in the way human beings live, eat, breathe and meditate, enabling them to improve their heart rate variability. As stated by academics at the Mayo Clinic, heart rate variability is an important measure of a person’s heart and overall health. When individuals are stressed, their heart rate goes up, but their heart rate variability (HRV) goes down. Through the powerful practice of meditation, an important component of the Shambhala life, HRV can be improved, and one’s resilience to stress can be strengthened.


What Is HRV And Why Is It Vital To Heart And General Health?

HRV is essentially a measure of the time between heart beats. When the mind and body are calm and focused, the heart is ready to respond to life’s demands. Therefore, the space between heartbeats varies every so slightly in accordance with one’s needs. When you become stressed, HRV suffers, and this in itself is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease when it goes unmanaged. Tracking HRV provides information on stress and heart health. This check can be easily done with a smartphone. There are many apps that let users know whether or not their HRV is on point.


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