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Sep 24

Buried Rivers - comment

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A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust; excerpt from a book 

by Ellen Korman Mains

The center was called Tail of the Tiger then. When I returned from my second visit, my mother went to the door of my parents’ bedroom and called my father out, like a foot-soldier delivering me to the commander-in-chief.

“Szapsa,” she said, using his Yiddish name.

His slim frame rose stiffly from the bed and walked to the kitchen table. I had always admired my father’s honesty and integrity, in contrast to my mother’s more expedient brand of practicality. Whereas my mother knew how to bend situations to her advantage with cleverness and charm, my father lacked these gifts of seduction and manipulation. He was generous to the poor, mistrusted people in power, and generally avoided conflict by keeping his opinions to himself.

“You cannot go again to this place.” The skin on his handsome face was taut, his eyes stony.

“But why, Dad? What’s wrong about it?”

“If you continue with this Buddhism, you will be disowned.” Continue…

- 2017-12-15 - comment

International Advanced Assemblies Calendar for 2018

International Advanced Assemblies Calendar for 2018 The following Assemblies in 2018 require that you apply and be accepted through the Shambhala Office of Practice and Education: * Enlightened Society Assembly * Warrior Assembly * Sacred World Assembly * Rigden Abhisheka * Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 1 Please follow the link for program dates and information on how to apply and register. continue

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Harvest of Peace 2018

Harvest of Peace 2018 Cheerful Harvest of Peace! From everyone here at the Shambhala Times Every year at the time of each solstice and equinox, Shambhalians around ... continue

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Body, Mind, and Universe

Body, Mind, and Universe Musings on the body/mind relationship in a larger context by Larry Barnett A great deal of attention has been paid to the workings ... continue

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Mindful Education Continued

Mindful Education Continued How mindfulness practice relates to the profound work of teaching by Jasmin Stoffer I interviewed my fellow teachers for this article, including an administrator, ... continue

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Mindful Education

Mindful Education A contemplation of the current state of teaching and learning by Jasmin Stoffer I am an educator. It has been just over 6 years ... continue

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No Future Without Forgiveness

No Future Without Forgiveness A few thoughts on how and why we can forgive others — and ourselves by Shastri Christine Heming I have been thinking and ... continue

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The iPhone and I

The iPhone and I Looking at our smart phones through the lens of meditation  by Phil Beatty There is nothing quite like the iPhone. It is the ... continue

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Wealth of Generosity

Wealth of Generosity by Shastri Matthew Lyon Generosity is directly related to a feeling of abundance and confidence in our lives. On an inner level, ... continue

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Intention Behind the Goal

Intention Behind the Goal Paying attention to the motivation behind the goals we set by Katey Schultz There are three things I’ve spent decades obsessing about: writing, ... continue

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Dharma Teachings

Wealth of Generosity

by Shastri Matthew Lyon Generosity is directly related to a feeling of abundance and confidence in our lives. On an inner level, in meditation practice, we rest the mind in the ground of basic goodness, the primordial confidence in our heart, our true nature. We can notice that when fear arises, this feeling of wholeness and abundance is restricted. In a fearful state of mind in daily life, miserliness and stinginess become prominent. We miss the fact that natural care for one’s resources is different from an obsession with thrift, which fixates our minds on limitation and a feeling of insufficiency. With mindfulness, we can notice this process as it arises. continue

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