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Oct 23

Getting Through the Election with Our Goodness Intact - comment

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by Jane Heyer, Interim Governing Council, Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

Four years ago, our sangha gathered for the weekly dharma gathering that happened to be on election night, and then stayed for an extended session of group sitting. I was there, and I remember the shock of watching the projected results on the television screen in the big shrine room. Nobody anticipated the results, nor did we expect the hard times that hit the Shambhala community two years later, nor the loss of our center, nor the pandemic.

Who knows what’s to come? But four years after that election night, we are still a community, still sitting and studying together, and still leaning in to the question of how to give birth to enlightened society. The karmic seeds we sowed four years ago and many times since — our group practice and community gatherings — have kept us together. They’ve helped us to remain resilient. We have not given up.

In the coming weeks, as the next presidential election approaches, we have the opportunity, once again, to sit down and make our stand for resilience, heart, and community. We have the opportunity to support one another when the world is scary. Please (virtually) join the Shambhala Meditation Center of NYC for any or all of the programs we’ve created for this historic time. Continue…

COVID-19 Resources on the Shambhala Times

From the Editorial Team— Many resources have been shared by the Shambhala leadership and Community members to help us all through this moment of isolation and uncertainty. Your editorial team has gathered them together here so that this page can be a resource for everyone. We will continue to update this page with resources as […]continue

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Release of New Code of Conduct Policies

Release of New Code of Conduct Policies Dear Shambhala Community — We, as the Board of Directors of Shambhala, are pleased to ratify and introduce  to the Shambhala Community the new Code of Conduct consisting of the following documents: Shambhala Code of Conduct Child Protection Policy Policy for People Holding Positions of Authority Policy to Address Sexual Misconduct Policy on Diversity, Inclusivity and Anti-Discrimination Together, these five policies comprise the new Shambhala Code of Conduct, known as “the Code.” Access the new Code of Conduct: Click Here to Access a PDF of all five Policies continue

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Race and The Body: Why Somatic Practices Are Essential for Racial Justice

Race and The Body: Why Somatic Practices Are Essential for Racial Justice Illustration by Alicia Brown This article was originally published as part of an issue of The Arrow: A Journal of Wakeful Society, ... continue

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Mudra Musings: Its Reasons and Its Beings

Mudra Musings: Its Reasons and Its Beings by Vicky Moyle   Chaos and Vastness Mudra’s connection to a sense of chaos is very interesting.  A system is called chaotic if ... continue

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Update on the Fire at SMC

Update on the Fire at SMC Shambhala Mountain Center has created a page of ongoing updates regarding the Cameron Peak Fire on their website. We have printed ... continue

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Touching the Earth—October Newsletter

Touching the Earth—October Newsletter Laudato Si’ and The Shambhala Principle: Points of Convergence By Richard Reoch “A certain way of understanding human life and activity has gone awry, ... continue

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The Process Team Launches a Community Engagement Initiative

The Process Team Launches a Community Engagement Initiative Some Background: What is the Process Team and who are its members? The Process Team is a group of volunteers that was ... continue

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Message from the Sakyong regarding fire at SMC

Message from the Sakyong regarding fire at SMC To the Shambhala Community, The Sakyong Wangmo and I have been staying informed of the situation at Shambhala Mountain Center. We began ... continue

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Board Letter Regarding SMC Wildfire

Board Letter Regarding SMC Wildfire To the Shambhala Community – As many of you know, last night, the Cameron Peak wildfire expanded onto the Shambhala Mountain Center ... continue

Dharma Teachings

Good Society Part II: Feeling the Goodness

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash The second part of a two-part series by Shastri Russell Rodgers. For part one, click here. In Part I of this two-part essay, we looked at the genetics behind the universal human impulse to create good society. The logic was this: everywhere there are humans, we form society. Therefore, it must be in our genes. The first part of this essay was basically a book review of Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society, by Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor. Dr. Christakis proposes that encoded in our genes is a “social suite” that is common to all societies that are able to survive the test of time and circumstance. This “suite” includes : good leadership (and respect for that leadership), cooperation, ... continue

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Art Happens, Share it Here

Poetry Space Fall 2020

  Fall is upon us, though the earth still burns. Such a confusing and groundless time for us all. For this edition, we’re delighted to bring you two poets new to Poetry Space, and two poems that we think travel well together. Please enjoy, and send us your new work! —Jeff Fink, Coordinator of Poetry Space     Granting Gold I kneel beg for a poem. A Haiku will do counting syllables five lily pads in pond seven chirping crickets five chanting monks in temple. I also taste Tanka full of sorrow. Grape tomatoes I toss in my mouth one at a time. They burst. I miss them. A pleasure in ancient treasures lit candles, water bowls at a white altar. Ten fingers come together in prayer resting in center of chest I Am Poem. — Jerrice J. Baptiste is the author of eight books and has been published in numerous journals. In ... continue

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