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Jul 26

Without Beginning or End, Part 1 - comment

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A multi-part series on the trans-temporal art of Yeachin Tsai

by Robert R. Shane

The Contentment of Mr. Orange, 2015, acrylic on paper mounted on canvas, 14×14 in

“The circle…is the synthesis of the greatest oppositions. …it points most clearly to the fourth dimension.” (1)

—Vassily Kandinsky

I. Time and Timelessness

The Contentment of Mr. Orange, 2015, acrylic on paper mounted on canvas, 14×14 in

A blazing cadmium red-orange circle pulsates with mesmerizing force in Yeachin Tsai’s painting The Contentment of Mr. Orange (2015) from the artist’s series “Dot in the Space.”  Compared to the small gray spot just off-center within its body, the orange circle looks unfathomably large, recalling graphic representations comparing the size of the Sun to the Earth.  The orange form’s fuzzy borders give the sense that this monumental circle’s energy is ready to burst outward, a force countered only by the inward gravitational pull of its mass.  Floating in a dull yellow and gray void, the circle seems to exist in a no-place and a timeless no-time, but its phenomenal impact on the viewer situates it in the here and now.  As the retinas tire of the color’s intensity, the viewer begins to see its afterimage; the circle’s hitherto invisible opposite—always already contained within itself—is revealed with the unfolding of time.   Continue…

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Dharma Teachings

Waiting. Acting.

Exploring the mysteries and life lessons of knowing when to act, and when to wait by Susan Firer I’m waiting for something to arise in my mind to propel this piece of writing forward…waiting. Maybe that’s it: “waiting!” How often we think that we don’t have the time to wait, or the time to slow down and take it easy, to relax into the space before we act on something else? I know I think this way quite a bit. There is a saying, not sure the author of it, goes like this: “The phenomenal world gives you what you need.”  This statement is a reminder for me. It pops into my head quite often, and it helps me settle into myself and my surroundings more fully. continue

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