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Feb 25
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Bat Mitzvah in Beijing

Iana reciting her Haftorah

L’Chaim! Lha gyal lo!

Beijing resident Lee Weingrad, CEO of the Surmang Foundation, and his beautiful wife, Wang Wenjing, recently celebrated the Valentine’s Day bat mitzvah of their beloved daughter Iana Cybelle.

He writes, “I always was amazed at my karma to have moved here and live here but also because Iana has brought me closer to the Jewish community here and it’s something I would like to write about.  However now it seems that she is bringing me closer to the Shambhala community as well.  Thank you for seeing her big heart, her special quiet power, which has been slowly germinating.”

Lee shares this invocation from the mitzvah:

To the Kelliat Beijing Synogogue:

Today’s parisha marks the ascent of Moses up Sinai and his receiving the Commandments.

Bat Mitzvah means daughter of the commandment. All Jews, all humans were and are Moses today, and we are reminded we must all make the lonely ascent up Mt. Sinai and receive the Command, amidst the smoke and ash, shock and awe, weapons of mass destruction, lightening, the blaring of rams horns as well as global warming and another asshole passing on the right.

This is the covenant that need not be maintained, and is easily broken.


You have been called in several languages:
English, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan:

You are all of these, some like a seed, some coming to flower today:

Iana Cybelle
Sima bat Leib Moishe
Ryu do ra go so
Wang Liang Yu
Karma Pakshin Drolma

So beautiful,

Treasure daughter of the Leonine Moses Dragon Empress whose mind has the clarity and purity of water,

Great Goddess, compassionate daughter of the enlightened activity ear-whispered ultimate and relative lineages.

Today, you are anointed. You have the ability to climb Sinai; you can discover the commandments buried deep in your heart; you know it is good to be who you are.

May your confidence in your basic goodness be ignited by growing pure perception of what is, of that which has no name, has all names, comes from nowhere, dwells nowhere and goes nowhere.

May the aspirations of your elders guide you as you make your way in this sad and beautiful world.

May your quiet certainty guide others and help others in this sad and beautiful world.

May you continue your journey and realize the outer inner and secret meanings of the glorious names you have been given, in this sad and beautiful world.

Today as you become bat mitzvah, daughter in whom the Commandments have germinated, you will find your place, and confidently proclaim and show the worldwhat it means to be a Chinese, an American, a daughter, a sister, a woman, a Jew.

Lee Weingrad
February 23, 2009

View the photos of this incredible, indescribable blessing here.

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