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May 19

Peace Now!

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Preparations for a symposium with the Sakyong in Vienna

by Michael Anderson

Taste might be the word best attributable to a Viennese evening of food, drink, and cultural performance. That was indeed the case on the evening of May 5th, as local sangha and guests of the Vienna Shambhala Center came together for a fundraiser in support of the upcoming Symposium, Peace Now: Creating Peace in Difficult Times. The symposium, to be held September 15th – 17th, 2017 at the Austria Center Vienna, will feature Saykong Mipham Rinpoche, Acharyas Arawana Hayashi and Susan Chapman, as well as the founder of the Economy of Common Good in Austria, Christian Felber. We will also be offering a host of additional European speakers and workshops focusing on ways to create peace across many sectors of society, from working with refugee populations and domestic violence, to education and economics. Continue…

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Prince Edward Island goes Organic

Prince Edward Island goes Organic

A beautiful film has been released by the National Film Board of Canada chronicling the nascent attempts by Prince Edward Island to go to totally organic farming. Prince Edward Island has long been famous for its spuds and red mud. But in the last 50 years ... continue
Posted April 18, 2014 by
Sakyong Teaching in Boston, Bay Area, and Live Online

Sakyong Teaching in Boston, Bay Area, and Live Online

The Year of the Wood Horse is off to a galloping start. Here are two unique opportunities to see Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche speak –­ in person or via live webcast — and bring people together to celebrate basic goodness. On April 12, the anniversary of the ... continue
Posted March 29, 2014 by
Karuna Training Comes to North America

Karuna Training Comes to North America

What is compassion? One Sanskrit word is karuna, which is used to point to any action that lessens the suffering of others. It is a fitting name for a program based in contemplative psychology teachings, where the emphasis is on active empathy, and a willingness to ... continue
Posted March 19, 2014 by
A Taste for Running

A Taste for Running – HIGHLIGHT

Running with the Mind of Meditation: In France written by Eric Rugani, Elise Le Goff-Maes, and Christophe Penkerc’h edited Ani Dawa Chotso The idea had been in the air for some years among some rock climbers of the sangha to propose a weekend called “meditation and rock climbing”, that ... continue
Posted February 12, 2014 by
Sangha Mobilizing for Flood Recovery

Sangha Mobilizing for Flood Recovery – HIGHLIGHT

News from the Colorado Front Range sangha. Refresh your browser for updates. Checking in with Shambhala Centers On Sunday, Boulder Center Director Ulrike Halpern sent an email asking everyone to check in. She received dozens of stories from people who lost their homes or incurred damage, as ... continue
Posted September 17, 2013 by Jennifer Holder

What Lisa Stanley did this summer

Lisa Stanley reports that during a recent two-week visit to Madison, Wisconsin she had the experience that should be familiar to most Shambhalians of switching from being a program participant to being a teacher to spending time with peers enjoying deep shop-talk. Here are six photographs by ... continue
Posted August 24, 2013 by John David Smith

Site observed under construction

Why is it that construction sites are so watchable? And why is it that construction workers often look like they’re standing around watching other workers do the real work?  Think of the last time the City of Portland dug up the sewers in your neighborhood. One answer ... continue
Posted August 19, 2013 by John David Smith

Ann Cason and John Smith speak out on aging and sustainable learning

Community member Ann Cason recently contributed The Words of the Wise in  Elephant Journal, which is very youth oriented, has had almost no articles about aging, seniors, etc., (i.e. what they have to look forward to) so this is somewhat groundbreaking in that regard.  Here’s a snippet where she reflects ... continue
Posted August 18, 2013 by John David Smith

An update from our own Changchup Nyima

Hello Portland Sangha, I thought I should write a little update about how things are going here at Gampo Abbey.  I will include photos in this email.  I forgot to send some as I said I would for the previous email. Life is going quite well at the ... continue
Posted August 4, 2013 by John David Smith

Helpful feedback on weekly emails

We ASKED for it and we got it!  Thanks to the inspiration of Melissa Mead, who has been faithfully producing the weekly email for the Portland Shambhala Center for the last 5 years, we included the following notice in our Weekly Announcements email last week: What have ... continue
Posted July 28, 2013 by John David Smith

North-Northeast Delek bike ride

North/Northeast Delek joined the Sunday Parkways Rides on June 23, 2013.  Though the contingent was small, the ride was a blast! From: Portland News Magazine continue
Posted July 10, 2013 by John David Smith


(or reporting from Scappoose Bay on the hottest day of the year) Step 1–Take your seat: Step 2–Bring your attention to the “out breath”: Step 3–Gather in functional silence:   Step 4–Stroke practice: Step 5–Row, row, in a row: Step 6–Open your 5 senses:   Step 7– There is no Step 7!       From: Portland News Magazine continue
Posted July 10, 2013 by John David Smith

Dan Rubin plenary talk and the Portland Buddhist Festival

On June 1st, one of those bright Saturdays before Portland’s Junuary rains, the Portland Buddhist Festival was held this year in Colonel Sumner Park with booths from Dharma centers, talks, momo’s (that sold out) and more. The sun highlighting booths on either side. Talks and discussions were held ... continue
Posted July 6, 2013 by John David Smith

Sometimes impermanence takes effort

In some cases impermanence takes care of itself but often we have to make a lot of effort to change things.  When Portland got its new website several years ago it took a lot of effort to plan, develop and implement.  Over time, however, our website has gradually gotten ... continue
Posted July 1, 2013 by John David Smith

The Harlem Shake in Shambhala

As part of the 2013 Spring Arts Festival,  the Shambhala Meditation Center community of Portland, OR has created their addition to the current “Harlem Shake” phenomenon.   From: Portland News Magazine continue
Posted July 1, 2013 by John David Smith

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