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Apr 19

Shambhala Practice and Education Assistant Job Posting

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The Office of Practice and Education is hiring an assistant!

The position of the Practice & Education Assistant includes five major areas of responsibility:

  • Digital Resource Management
  • Digital Refresh Project
  • Center and Group Liaison
  • Tibetan Calendar Project
  • Sunday Gatherings

It also includes other projects and initiatives as assigned by the Director of Practice and Education.

The Practice & Education Assistant is responsible to and collaborates closely with the Director of Practice and Education. 


  • Establish file naming conventions, and an organization strategy for 25 years of digital files
  • Create a functional archive of documents and communications
  • Create templates for all regular communications from the P&E office with emphasis on clarity, simplicity, and making sure all resources pointed to are available and up to date
  • Create templates for Advanced Program Applications and Letters of Reference


  • Ensure all resources and messaging in the Practice & Education section on Shambhala.org is the most up to date available, and consistent with the department-wide messaging and practices
  • Create organized and accessible archive of lesser used information for Members, Centers, and Groups
  • Ensure new language used in digital refresh is communicated to Centers and Groups for their websites.


  • Offer guidance and support to Center/Group P&E leaders
  • Address P&E related concerns with  Center/Group leaders 
  • Continue to develop P&E regions and other horizontal support structures
  • Establish quarterly calls with Center / Group P&E leaders
  • Ensure changes in the Office of Practice & Education are communicated clearly and in a timely manner – with all necessary supporting materials


  • Work with phugpa calendar files from Edward Hemming to establish practice calendar dates for the Shambhala community, ideally for the next decade or two
  • Communicate necessary dates in a timely manner for the production of the yearly practice calendar, and for Center and Group program planning


  • Engage with the Sunday Gatherings Team as the P&E representative to help determine the Sunday Gatherings events calendar for the year
  • Supporting the Second Sunday Maitri Bhavana practice sessions


As time permits, the Assistant is responsible for short- and long-term projects and initiatives within the Practice and Education area as assigned by the Director. This will include collaborating with the Director on some and assuming the lead role on others.

This role is a staff position with a 20 hour work week.

Please send a cover letter & resume to Jeff Scott at [email protected]

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Sakyong appoints first South American acharya

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Sakyong Chilean Teachings and Disaster Response

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Sakyong to Perform Healing and Enriching Practices

Sakyong to Perform Healing and Enriching Practices

The Sakyong will perform two pujas, or intensive practices, for the benefit of Shambhala this April 8th and 9th. This is an opportunity to request the Sakyong to specifically help a friend, loved one, or ourselves through these practices. The pujas will be Medicine Buddha, for ... continue
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The Office of the Kalapa Court is delighted to announce the Lady Sharon Hoagland Endowment established through the vast generosity of Kalapa Patrons Lady Sharon and James Hoagland. Seeded with a million dollars principle, this endowment has been formed to stabilize and enrich the Sakyong ... continue
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The Sakyong Returns to South America

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Acharya Appointments and Retirement

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Sakyong Appoints Halifax Director

Sakyong Appoints Halifax Director

The Office of the Kalapa Court is delighted to announce that the Kongma Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, has appointed Ms Michelle Munro to the position of Director of the Halifax Shambhala Centre, effective Shambhala Day. Michelle is well-known to the Halifax community, having held the position of ... continue
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Shastri Nominations

Shastri Nominations

On Shambhala Day the formal process of considering nominations for new Shastris will begin. All members of Shambhala are invited to suggest possible nominees through their Shambhala Centre’s Director of Practice and Education, or their Centre Director, by February 2. As Shambhala Groups do not ... continue
Posted January 25, 2016 by David_Brown

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