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Jun 03

“Art Happens”: Auspicious Ink

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Have you heard of our Art Happens column? Start here to learn more about Art Happens and how to share your art with the Shambhala Times community. Also see the “Art Happens” box at the bottom of the Shambhala Times front page to see more art shared by fellow community members.

Today’s featured Art Happens contains the artwork of Yeachin Tsai, drawn from auspiciousink.com


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Walking in Juniper

Walking in Juniper – HIGHLIGHT

Walking in Junipers A poem by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Written for his father, July 29,1989 The other night I dreamt of you. You were in the realm of the dakinis Surrounded by your multitude of maidens. Some came to you And some wanted you to come to them Others just played in your delight Still ... continue
Posted March 28, 2011 by
In Sutrayana

In Sutrayana

In Sutrayana In Ashoka Bhavan In the Astor Suite In the rocking chair, I remembered. In the handicapped bathroom In Shambhala, DC My father and pipe wrenches, teflon tape (the leak stopped) Holding me As his tears fell Over the loss of sons Now from the Rocking Chair in the Astor Suite the mirror turns from pale yellow to pink; and Acharya ... continue
Posted February 25, 2011 by Bob
Miksang with Incarcerated Youth

Miksang with Incarcerated Youth – HIGHLIGHT

Jake Lorfing describes his adventures and shares photos from teaching contemplative photography to teenagers. We didn’t know what to expect entering the Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center to meet the eight girls, ages 14-17, who had signed up for a weekly Miksang Photography class. Four volunteers ... continue
Posted February 14, 2011 by


A poem by Bob Huber Today i burned them. Piled dead rose branches Over charcoal. Softly tore up those farewells From Roland, Menty, Bobbi, Joan And a hundred others And placed them in the flames: The Job I loved The Work I did These people, In That Life Goodbye, i loved You On September 2, 2010, I said goodbye ... continue
Posted February 7, 2011 by Bob
Tonglen Tango

Tonglen Tango – HIGHLIGHT

Medium of the breath – tonglen tango a poem by Kunga Dawa LISTEN: medium-of-the-breath-tonglen-tango Alright, I’ll write, not words reflected on but starbursts of radiant light from nowhere, the deepest inner space. It’s neither here nor there, it’s everywhere, its messenger the bright green hummingbird with scarlet throat sipping from red geranium ... continue
Posted January 20, 2011 by
A Voice Like Honey on Toast

A Voice Like Honey on Toast – HIGHLIGHT

A music review, by Acharya David Schneider. B his name is Bene and he’s a Buddhist. He lives in Berlin and plays in a band. He plays beautiful keyboards in a number of bands, actually, and teaches and produces and cobbles together a living the way most ... continue
Posted July 25, 2010 by
Kimonos and Watercolors Galore at Konchok Art Auction

Kimonos and Watercolors Galore at Konchok Art Auction – HIGHLIGHT

Brocade kimonos for $40. Are you kidding? Well, not for long. A dark blue and gold women’s kimono that started at $40 now hovers at $55, and soon may climb higher. Online art auctions are a fickle affair. One moment you have a bargain on your ... continue
Posted July 8, 2010 by
Yes: Express Your Everything

Yes: Express Your Everything – HIGHLIGHT

A One-Woman Play by Cynthia Kneen Photos courtesy of Jennifer Holder Before leaving for South Africa, I had been writing and performing a one-woman show as part of an underground theater group. A week before I left home, I wrote something new called YES. It is fiction, ... continue
Posted June 23, 2010 by
Amending Ratna Aspiration

Amending Ratna Aspiration – HIGHLIGHT

Invoking Money to Wash Debt Clean ~ in the playful manner of our lineage of poets. Primordial Rigden, Shiwa Okar of the Basically Good, Gesar Norbu Dradul, commander of fearless troops King Ashoka of generous riches, Milarepa, conqueror of karma… To you I offer clouds of love and devotion. Come ... continue
Posted June 19, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
A Story: Little Girl Wishes

A Story: Little Girl Wishes – HIGHLIGHT

By Lois Lungta Part of the ongoing blog kept by Jennifer Holder, titled Tracking Jewels. The exact date of this composition is unknown. ~ ^ ~ I bought this leather-bound journal this winter to honor many things: the significance of this moment in my life as choice ... continue
Posted June 12, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Water of Life, Darkening Gulf, Part 2 Oil Spill

Water of Life, Darkening Gulf, Part 2 Oil Spill – HIGHLIGHT

By Bill Scheffel I am now in the third day of a twenty-day trip and writing from the twenty-eighth floor of a Chicago hotel. I was invited here over a year ago to attend the wedding of a friend and former student. A little over a week ago, ... continue
Posted May 28, 2010 by
Water of Life, Darkening Gulf, Part 1 Water

Water of Life, Darkening Gulf, Part 1 Water – HIGHLIGHT

WATER By Bill Scheffel In 2004 I began a mode of life that is still occurring, one of travel (a mode which occurs even if travel is only to the mailbox) and one in which I felt I was becoming the “experiment of my own art.” Beginning that ... continue
Posted May 27, 2010 by
Sweet Children Of Tibet

Sweet Children Of Tibet – HIGHLIGHT

Sweet Children Of Tibet (Goodnight) By Andrée Stolte Sweet children of Tibet, goodnight sleep lovely dear little ones as white feathered wing sweeps over your exquisite dusty faces, silent eyes continue
Posted May 18, 2010 by
Band on Tour: Here We Go Magic

Band on Tour: Here We Go Magic – HIGHLIGHT

Kristina Lieberson, daughter of Shambhalians Ellen Kearney and Peter Lieberson is on a 7-month tour of North America and Europe with the band Here We Go Magic. The band was named one of Brooklyn’s “Top Forty” in New York Magazine. They will be appearing in many ... continue
Posted March 16, 2010 by
"Tulku" the Movie on DVD

“Tulku” the Movie on DVD – HIGHLIGHT

From the column Shambhala at the Movies by Angela Pressburger Gesar Mukpo’s intimate and honest exploration of what it means to grow up as a tulku in the west today is released on DVD just in time for the Year of the Tiger. TULKU, 2009, Canada, 75 ... continue
Posted March 3, 2010 by

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