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Blossoming of Creative Engagement

Blossoming of Creative Engagement – HIGHLIGHT

Aarti Tejuja takes her seat as the Chicago Shambhala Center’s new Director of Social Engagement by Mabinti Dennis In 2009, when Aarti Tejuja from the Chicago Shambhala Center was temporarily unemployed, she applied for and received the Shambhala People of Color Scholarship Fund Leadership Award, to attend a ... continue
Posted January 28, 2016 by CGH
Speak Up Chicago

Speak Up Chicago

Eye Witness Report Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Visits Chicago article by Janet Hasz photos by BhhStudios Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is sitting on his throne before 140 Shambhalians in chairs. It’s Friday night, May 8th, in Chicago. The air in the shrine room crackles with energy. Six young people quietly take their ... continue
Posted May 16, 2015 by Dan
Transforming Oprah's Store

Transforming Oprah’s Store – HIGHLIGHT

Construction folks getting ready to varnish the floorCOLUMN: Shambhala on the Move in Chicago A series about Shambhala Centers and Groups who are moving into new spaces or renovating their existing homes. article compiled by Candlin Dobbs, Column Editor Shambhala has a long history in Chicago. The Chicago Dharmadhatu ... continue
Posted February 21, 2014 by
Spirit of Chardhi Kala

Spirit of Chardhi Kala – HIGHLIGHT

Chardhi Kala, a key principle of the Sikh religion, describes a state of mind that does not allow negative emotions to overwhelm one’s outlook and actions. Instead, one cultivates a mind that is filled with joy and dignity. For Sikhs, this state of mind is a ... continue
Posted August 14, 2013 by
Mayor Emanuel Welcomes the Sakyong to Chicago

Mayor Emanuel Welcomes the Sakyong to Chicago – HIGHLIGHT

reported by Joshua Silberstein, Chief of Staff for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche In an historic meeting, the Sakyong was welcomed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the City Hall of Chicago on the eve of the convening Youth Congress on Peace at Malcolm X College. continue
Posted April 29, 2013 by
Peace Practices

Peace Practices – HIGHLIGHT

Imagining Peace Conference Malcolm X College, Chicago by Debra Hiers, Shambhala Times Reporter How incredibly fortunate we are to have come together this weekend to engage in an honest conversation about the relationship between peace and violence, and to explore the role we each play in realizing a society ... continue
Posted April 28, 2013 by
Our Voices Matter

Our Voices Matter – HIGHLIGHT

Imagining Peace Conference with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Malcolm X College, Chicago by Gretchen Neve, Shambhala Times Reporter Saturday’s Youth Congress on Peace at Malcolm X City College opened with videos of youth expressing their visions for peace followed by live poetry performances. Kalapa Acharya Adam Lobel welcomed us and acted ... continue
Posted April 28, 2013 by
Changing the Way we Participate

Changing the Way we Participate – HIGHLIGHT

Imagining Peace Conference Malcolm X College, Chicago April 27, 2013 by Debra Hiers, Shambhala Times Reporter photos by Erlina Sinaga There was a great sense of purpose and witness to this day of Imagining Peace hosted by the Chicago Shambhala Center at Malcolm X College. Everyone present seemed ready to ... continue
Posted April 28, 2013 by
"Imagining Peace" opens in Chicago

“Imagining Peace” opens in Chicago – HIGHLIGHT

videos and article by President Richard Reoch Reporting live from Imagining Peace Chicago “This gathering itself is an indication that we have not given up on peace,” said Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, at the opening session of “Imagining Peace,” a public event that brings together community organizations, youth leaders, ... continue
Posted April 27, 2013 by
A Technology of Heart

A Technology of Heart – HIGHLIGHT

Fulcrum Point opens the eveningCreating Enlightened Society through Imagining Peace with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche at Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago April 26, 2013 by Debra Hiers, Shambhala Times Reporter Entering Rockefeller Chapel tonight there was a high-energy buzz amongst those gathering, sangha friends and acquaintances greeting each other, finding seats. We ... continue
Posted April 27, 2013 by
Personal Path, Social Transformation

Personal Path, Social Transformation – HIGHLIGHT

Sakyong under the Gothic arches, Grace CathedralCreating Enlightened Society www.creatingsociety.com by Cody McGough, Director, San Francisco Shambhala Center “Enlightened Society is all about nurturing the human spirit – waking up to the goodness, kindness and strength that we already have.” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche As human beings, how do we ... continue
Posted April 21, 2013 by
"Doing Good"

“Doing Good” – HIGHLIGHT

Imagining Peace: The Journey Is the Goal a personal reflection by Gretchen Neve, Chicago The Imagining Peace Conference opens Friday night, April 26, with a talk by the Sakyong followed the next day, Saturday April 27, with the Youth Congress on Peace. Sunday, April 28, will be a ... continue
Posted April 17, 2013 by
Why We Need to Imagine Peace

Why We Need to Imagine Peace – HIGHLIGHT

Creating Enlightened Society in Chicago with a Youth Congress on Peace by Gretchen Neve What is Happening On April 26, 2013, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s Enlightened Society Tour will launch in Chicago. On Friday night he will give a talk about creating enlightened society. On Saturday the Sakyong will host our ... continue
Posted April 6, 2013 by
Imagining Peace

Imagining Peace – HIGHLIGHT

Chicago,by Claudine Minini Chicago Shambhala Times Reporter We all dream of peace in our lives and in our world. The Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche will be traveling to Chicago in April to join the Honorable Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago and the Honorable Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board ... continue
Posted March 25, 2013 by

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