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Jul 01

Trust Meets in New York - comment

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The Shambhala Trust holds its May, 2016 meeting in New York

by Judith (Zeb) Zuckerberg

IMG_2680 - Version 3At the early May meeting of the Shambhala Trust, in New York City, we were quite busy, with many items on the agenda. Seven proposals were on the table, and all were exciting and meritorious. Among them was one from a couple in Chile, requesting funds to establish an organization devoted to teaching mindfulness and leadership for teachers and educators.  We were able to conference with Sergio and Yael using Zoom, which was a new approach for us and beneficial in helping us understand and connect with the proposers.  Financing in the amount of $3,280 from the Trust allowed them to undertake their first project, in a school in northern Chile. Continue…

- 2016-06-17 - comment

Shambhala Monastic Order Video and News

Shambhala Monastic Order Video and News A video by Acharya Pema Chodron and Shastri Loden Nyima has just been posted on the Shambhala Times describing the vision of the Shambhala Monastic Order, answering some frequently asked questions, and outlining the current offerings of 9-12 month monastic residencies themed around the Four Dignities of the Shambhala path. The Shambhala Monastic Order is currently midway through the second of such residencies. The next will begin in January 2017. Links to applications, prerequisites, temporary ordinations and the path to ... continue

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Bravery, Love and Race

Bravery, Love and Race Shambhala Boston engages with issues of diversity and social justice   by Ashley Hodson   As I write this, the trees are in full bloom ... continue

Dharma Teachings - 2016-06-27 - comment

Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness Ten practices for developing mindfulness in the midst of our everyday activities by Jennifer Wang Mindfulness and meditation go together like muscles and ... continue

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Sharing Midsummer Delights

Sharing Midsummer Delights appreciating the many joys of Midsummer Day celebrations by Carol Henderson Ah, Midsummer Day — a time for Shambhalians to gather together, to ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2016-06-23 - comment

First Thought, Best Thought

First Thought, Best Thought Sometimes interesting coincidences happen…. by Michelle Welch I was browsing the Phoenix Shambhala Twitter feed and came across this photo posting from Lion’s Roar: The photographer included ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2016-06-21 - comment

Writing with Beginner’s Mind

Writing with Beginner's Mind Writing is for everyone! A writer and workshop leader shows us how…. by Tunde Nemeth Forget everything you’ve ever learned about writing, everything ... continue

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Exploring Social Cocoon

Exploring Social Cocoon A special weekend program in Boulder, Colorado with Reverend angel Kyodo williams  by Melanie Klein The Boulder Shambhala Center had the great fortune ... continue

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Shambhala Monastic Order

Shambhala Monastic Order Good news about the order, and an invitation to learn more about this unique opportunity by David Brown and Loden Nima The Shambhala Monastic ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-06-15 - comment

Shambhala Goes Mobile

Shambhala Goes Mobile Thanks to the Shambhala Trust and a great team, we are very excited to announce that the new Shambhala meditation app ... continue

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Dharma Teachings

Everyday Mindfulness

Ten practices for developing mindfulness in the midst of our everyday activities by Jennifer Wang Mindfulness and meditation go together like muscles and strength-training. Mindfulness is an attribute we exercise during meditation, and meditation is a practice (I believe the best practice) to cultivate mindfulness. However the rubber really meets the road when we can bring that mindfulness off the meditation cushion and into our everyday lives. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be limited just to the times we can set aside to meditate at home or at the center. We can start to blur the boundary between our practice and our lives, living more and more in the present moment and appreciating the richness in the world around us. continue

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