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Apr 23

Limiting the Barriers, part 2 - comment

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miksang image by Charles Blackhall

miksang image by Charles Blackhall

A Report in Three Parts
From the Accessibility and Disability Working Group

article compiled by Stefan Carmien, Chair of Accessibility and Disability Working Group

We continue this series on the efforts of the Accessibility and Disability working Group to support the accessibility of the physical practice centers and electronic communications of the Shambhala sangha. In the last article we presented some of the history of accessibility in Vajradhatu/Shambhala and the work that Hamish McClain did as the first chair of the Working group. Read part one by clicking here.

- 2014-03-29 - 1 comment

Sakyong Teaching in Boston, Bay Area, and Live Online

Sakyong Teaching in Boston, Bay Area, and Live Online The Year of the Wood Horse is off to a galloping start. Here are two unique opportunities to see Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche speak –­ in person or via live webcast — and bring people together to celebrate basic goodness. On April 12, the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche will be in Boston to speak about our incredible capacity to meet challenges with strength, courage and compassion. Shambhala Online will broadcast this event live at 7pm Eastern, ... continue

Mandala Projects - 2014-04-21 - comment

Reflections on the Six Ways of Ruling

Reflections on the Six Ways of Ruling King Dawa Sangpo, the first sovereign of the Kingdom of Shambhala, received the sacred teachings on enlightened society from the ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2014-04-20 - comment

Dreamers and Their Shadows

Dreamers and Their Shadows A Book Review of a New Book by Douglas Penick originally published on The Chronicle Project review by John Sell In the bombed-out wreckage ... continue

Video, Audio, Photos - 2014-04-19 - 3 comments

Trusting Everyday Magic

Trusting Everyday Magic A Contemplation On Snapshots of Basic Goodness versus Contemplative Photography article and photos by John McQuade Is there a difference between “feeling good” ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2014-04-18 - 1 comment

Even If You Hide

Even If You Hide New Work from the Sangha COLUMN: Poetry Space It’s been some time since we featured new work from our readers, so we’re really ... continue

Mandala Projects - 2014-04-16 - 10 comments

The Path of Unconditional Healing

The Path of Unconditional Healing A Journey of Illness and Discovery by Jeff Rubin, New York City I still remember quite vividly the scene in the doctor’s office ... continue

Featured Stories - 2014-04-14 - 1 comment

Building Bridges in Boston

Building Bridges in Boston President Richard Reoch and Reverend Kim,How Communities Can Come Together under the Banner of Being Human by Emma Cataford, Shambhala Times Reporter Saturday ... continue

Featured Stories - 2014-04-13 - 1 comment

Kindness and Inspiration in Boston

Kindness and Inspiration in Boston article by Frank Ryan photos by Kris Talluto “Kindness and Inspiration: A Shambhala Community Day,” led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and President Richard ... continue

Featured Stories - 2014-04-12 - 2 comments

Strength in Vulnerability

Strength in Vulnerability Finding Basic Goodness in the Aftermath of Violence article by Lassiter Williams photos by Maureen Cotton On a balmy evening in Spring, nearly one ... continue

Shambhala Community Videos

Dharma Teachings

Working with Pain

Khenpo GangsharCOLUMN: Dharma Teachings by Evan Silverman, Karme Choling, VT “The pain never goes, and we will never be happy.” Every six weeks or so I give a short talk at a local Shambhala center, in St. Johnsbury. As the weeks to the talk approach, it’s always the same story: I have no idea what to talk about. I try to wait for a message from the phenomenal world. The year was new and I’d been ... continue

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