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Jan 16

A Fresh Start - 1 comment

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Starting with ourselves, and learning to appreciate many ways that human goodness is expressed every day

by Susan Firer

I’ve had an idea running through my mind for almost a year now, I would guess. It has to do with appreciation, humanity, suffering, and compassion. So often I hear and see how people are becoming more and more focused on what is wrong with society or with humanity in general. I don’t think this is something new. In fact, I remember my parents and their generation contemplating the same questions. It’s just something each generation does. It is what humans do – we wonder about who we are and where we are going, both individually and collectively. I’m no different. Here are some of my thoughts about who we are and where we are going. Continue…

- 2017-01-11 - comment

Southern California Region Created and Director Appointed

Ms. Sharon Owyang On behalf of the Kongma Sakyong, Jampal Trinley Dradul, and Ms. Jane Arthur, Minister of the Pillar of Government, the Office of the Sakyong takes great pleasure in announcing the designation of the area south of San Luis Obispo, California as the Southern California Region. We are equally delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Sharon Owyang as the Director of this new region. Ms. Owyang will work closely with the current group of centers, satellites and groups — Eagle ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2017-01-14 - comment

Shambhala Day Poetry Contest 2017

Shambhala Day Poetry Contest 2017 We’re very excited to announce this year’s Shambhala Day Poetry Contest! The winning poem will be read aloud during the Sakyong’s ... continue

Featured Stories - 2017-01-13 - 1 comment

Unraveling Oppression

Unraveling Oppression Unraveling oppression and white privilege starts here by Kelsey Blackwell Dad and Me “But all our phrasing—race relations, racial chasm, racial justice, racial profiling, ... continue

Featured Stories - 2017-01-11 - comment

Genuine, the Podcast

Genuine, the Podcast A long-time Shambhala practitioner (and previous editor of the Times) starts a creative new venture  by Sarah Lipton I am thrilled to release ... continue

Featured Stories - 2017-01-09 - 2 comments

Circle of Light

Circle of Light Children journey to the spiral’s center in Karmê Chöling’s traditional midwinter Festival of Lights photography by Philip Campbell Between December 25th and New Year’s ... continue

Featured Stories - 2017-01-06 - comment

Beautiful Ornaments

Beautiful Ornaments In the community of Dönda, Tibetan region of the Yushu Prefecture, a new stupa rises above the roof by staff at the Gesar ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2017-01-04 - 2 comments

Midwinter Dawn Haiku

Midwinter Dawn Haiku   Warm blush on deep snow Longest night turns to brilliance Even now light comes   continue

Dharma Teachings - 2017-01-02 - 5 comments

Ekajati and the Ati Teachings

Senior Teacher Jude Robison Exploring depth and meaning in the Ekajati protector chant by Russell Rodgers Ekajati: Queen of the Mamos, thangka painting by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche This ... continue

Dharma Teachings - 2016-12-31 - 3 comments

Is Vetali Real?

Is Vetali Real? Our series of essays on the Shambhala chants continues, with a look at the “reality” of another protector by Russell Rodgers “Is Vetali ... continue

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Dharma Teachings

Ekajati and the Ati Teachings

Exploring depth and meaning in the Ekajati protector chant by Russell Rodgers Ekajati: Queen of the Mamos, thangka painting by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche This chant has an extraordinary level of teaching in it about the nature of mind and the nature of reality. To the extent that one truly understands this chant, one will understand at least on a conceptual level a lot about the ati teachings and practices, the highest in the Nyingma lineage. Ekajati is a protector of the ati teachings. The lineage of ati started in Tibet with Padmasambhava, in the 8th century CE. (In contrast, the Four Armed Mahakala, subject of an earlier essay is a protector in the Kagyu lineage, which started about 400 years later). Before he left Tibet, the Vidyadhara Trungpa Rinpoche ... continue

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