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May 30

Flipping the Switch - 1 comment

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The energy of depression can be endemic. But we have the power to flip the switch.

by Sarah Lipton

chaos-86646__340The dishes aren’t done, the laundry needs folding, dinner needs to be cooked and the baby won’t go down for a nap. Oh, and that long list of things I needed to get done three days ago for my business, well, forget about that, at this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever get it done.

The laundry list continues: husband is too busy with his own work and play, I feel ignored, undervalued, and am so overworked taking care of everyone else, that I’m fraying at the seams. I’m coming undone, and there’s nobody else who is going to take care of me. The longing for someone else to swoop in and take care of everything will go unanswered and unheard – there is nobody else to turn to. Continue…

- 2016-04-15 - 5 comments

Multilingual Success in Shambhala!

Multilingual Success in Shambhala! We are delighted to announce that within the past month the Kalapa Media Information Technology Team has made a transition to Universal Transformation Format (UTF-8) which enables Shambhala’s web pages and the Shambhala Database to be vastly more multilingual. Previously alphabets containing diacritic characters were incompatible with our database. This meant that if you searched for a name in certain languages, the name would have to be misspelled if it had diacritics. Further, all languages that use diacritics—such as Arabic, ... continue

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The Queer Feminist Rigden

The Queer Feminist Rigden Cutting through embedded patriarchy Column: Critical Intent By Alex Vlasic In my first couple of years working with the Shambhala teachings and community, gender ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-05-26 - 7 comments

Celebrating Twenty Years

Celebrating Twenty Years Dharma Sagara Clinic’s 20th Anniversary slogan: “Build it and they will come.” by Lee Weingrad You wake up one day, both your children ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-05-24 - 4 comments

Anyone Can Be Our Teacher

Anyone Can Be Our Teacher Finding joy and compassion for others in a time of personal suffering by Karen Lundy, with an Introduction by Shastri Christine Heming Introduction: In a ... continue

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Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part III

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part III Coming to terms with personal identity through the spiritual practice of Buddhism by Bryan Mendiola Illustration by Yuko Shimizu Though I was not fully ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-05-20 - 4 comments

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part II

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part II Sharing a personal experience of racial identity as an Asian American Buddhist by Bryan Mendiola Fingerprint with flag of the Philippines There is one ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-05-18 - 4 comments

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part I

Giving the Ghost a Voice, Part I Contradictory feelings about race can be honored in Buddhism. by Bryan Mendiola I didn’t realize how much I had been skirting issues of race ... continue

Featured Stories, Sakyong and Family - 2016-05-16 - 4 comments

Precious Events

Precious Events The Sakyong Wangmo shares appreciation for precious events The Sakyong looks on as the Sakyong Wangmo lights the shrine on the ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-05-14 - comment

Rude Awakening or Good Grief

Rude Awakening or Good Grief Using dharma and expressive arts to relate with transition when your role as caregiver is over        by Andrea ... continue

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Investigation of the Dedication

Taking a closer look at one of our most familiar chants, the Shambhala Dedication of Merit By Russell Rodgers Mural depicting one of the Rigden Kings By the confidence of the golden sun of the great east, May the lotus garden of the Rigden’s wisdom bloom. May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled, May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory. Sometimes in Shambhala there is a language all of its own. Rather than using foreign words, ordinary language is appropriated for meanings that aren’t necessarily obvious. This could be irritating.  On the other hand, words can be teasers that lead to decades of contemplation. continue

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