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Aug 28

Marching with Pride - comment

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Shambhalians in Halifax make a splash of Great Eastern Sun with a float for the local Pride Parade

by Dan Corbett

rainbow-828920__340How do we show pride in our community? What could be the biggest, most outrageous display we could cast forth before an audience of tens of thousands? The first thing that comes to my mind is a parade float. And float, we did.

In case you missed it, in July of this year, a steel, wood and fabric shrine pulled by a tandem bicycle carried the Primordial Rigden (in the form of India Gailey) entirely uphill from the harbour to the Citadel as part of the 2016 Halifax Pride Parade. The pedestrian entourage, proudly displaying the Shambhala name on a large banner, accompanied the rolling shrine in wonderful cheer for what turned out to be a truly magical day. Continue…

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Sakyong Encourages Compassion

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Aspiration of Shambhala

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Supplicating the Shambhala Lineage

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Sakyong Hosts Awake Business Conference

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Awaken, Chicago: Reflecting on the Teachings by Abbey Fox It’s been three heavy months since we hosted Awaken Chicago. We’ve tragically lost Philandro Castle, Alton Sterling, and Delrawn Small ... continue

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Aspiration of Shambhala

Our commentator on the Shambhala chants turns his attention to the aspiration by Russell Rodgers In the midst of our river of habitual thoughts, we tend to forget what is most important to us. Aspiration chants are reminders. If we consciously aspire to something, it’s more likely to happen. If we don’t aspire, the likelihood is pure chance. Worse, the future will probably reflect our collective habitual thought patterns and the contradictions held within them. The middle part of this chant is mostly self-explanatory. A lot has been covered in previous essays on “The Proclamation of Goodness” and “Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage.” The beginning and the end of this aspiration chant are less obvious. Mostly they follow the logic of a tantric creation story, and that is ... continue

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