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Aug 30

Making Music Mindfully - comment

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OMG Logo redCOLUMN: Celebrating the Arts
Intercultural Improvisation with the OMG

by Alex W. Rodriguez, Los Angeles

Since taking up the trumpet at age ten — and the trombone two years later — my life as a musician has taken some interesting turns. None of them, however, has been as exciting nor as bizarre as my most recent stint as the co-founder and co-director of the Omni-Musicality Group (also known as the OMG). Continue…

- 2014-08-11 - comment

Boulder Seeks Executive Director

Boulder Seeks Executive Director The Boulder Shambhala Center seeks an Executive Director loyal to the Shambhala Vision developed by the Vidhadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, as expressed in the view and activity of the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche. We are looking for a leader with excellent communication, leadership and administrative skills, as well as demonstrated financial planning and oversight experience to direct and foster a thriving organization of teaching, practice and community life. This includes promoting the health and vitality of our local sangha community, ... continue

International Programs, Sakyong and Family - 2014-08-29 - comment

Life is Ceremony

Life is Ceremony Sakyong arrives at Dechen ChölingSakyong Mipham Rinpoche visits Dechen Choling Retreat Center, southern France report by Shastri Catherine Eveillard and Luz Rodriguez photos ... continue

Community Articles - 2014-08-27 - comment

A Year of Sharing Meals

A Year of Sharing Meals photo credit: bellhalla via photopin ccCOLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom article by Lisa Harris, Column Co-Host Investigating some of the many places where we share ... continue

Dharma Teachings - 2014-08-25 - comment

The Threefold Purity

The Threefold Purity Curtis Pond in Calais, VT,COLUMN: Dharma Teachings by Ani Pema Chodron “To begin with, just give up any expectations of yourself. That’s a ... continue

Arts and Poetry - 2014-08-23 - 3 comments

Listening in Color

Listening in Color COLUMN: Celebrating the Arts article and painting by Christine Labich, Western Massachusetts The inspiration arrived on a late afternoon in October. The New ... continue

Community Articles - 2014-08-22 - 2 comments

Joys and Sorrows

Joys and Sorrows COLUMN: Aging in Enlightened Society Buddhist Perspectives on Caregiving, Dementia and End of Life Issues article by Andrea Sherman and Cynthia Spencer, coordinators ... continue

Community Articles - 2014-08-20 - 2 comments

Buddha in Ghana

Buddha in Ghana Sala Sweet (second from left) takes road trips with the Accra North Rotary Club, in GhanaCreating Enlightened Society On A Visit to ... continue

Sakyong and Family - 2014-08-18 - 3 comments

Jetsun Drukmo Celebrates 4th Birthday

Jetsun Drukmo Celebrates 4th Birthday Jetsun Drukmo on her fourth birthday,Kalapa Court News Halifax, Nova Scotia story by Jeanne Cain photos by Ethan Neville Monday, August 11th was the occasion ... continue

Video, Audio, Photos - 2014-08-17 - comment

Dreaming: A Substitute Life

Dreaming: A Substitute Life Offering Meditation In The City – the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast. In this episode, John Ankele discusses ... continue

Shambhala Community Videos

Dharma Teachings

The Threefold Purity

Curtis Pond in Calais, VT,COLUMN: Dharma Teachings by Ani Pema Chodron “To begin with, just give up any expectations of yourself. That’s a simple good instruction for how to do Buddhist meditation.” Buddhist meditation is about dissolving our fixation on ourselves, on the process of meditating, and on any result we might gain from it. Through meditation, we begin to get the hang of living with a non-grasping attitude. continue

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