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Jul 25

Hope and the Spiral of Resentment - comment

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A heartfelt, awake, and compassionate response to the recent shootings in Dallas

by Will Handy

dallas-1271744__340So we continue in the spiral of resentment and violence. It’s shocking to wake up to five dead police officers and, instead of an anonymous street scene from Some City, it’s an intersection I know well.  Then, a week later, three more dead, not so far away.

And with so many horrors crowding around, it’s tempting to wonder which one I should light upon; whom I should blame; whose injuries I should be incensed about and whose I should brush aside. Continue…

- 2016-07-15 - comment

Sakyong Encourages Compassion

Sakyong Encourages Compassion In a summer marked by violence, political divisiveness, homophobia, and systemic racism, let the recent tragedy in Nice and the turmoil in Turkey serve as reminders of the preciousness of life. To counteract such degeneration, let us look within to face our fears and open our hearts further than we have ever done. From this base of goodness let us practice with compassion and clarity to support all who are suffering. Let us continue a conversation about how we can ... continue

Community Articles - 2016-07-23 - comment

Joyful Means

Joyful Means A practitioner investigates how art can save us, and shares the experience of an integrative arts festival by Elizabeth Russell The intelligence that ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-07-21 - comment

Open Doors, Open Hearts

Open Doors, Open Hearts Open Doors/Open Hearts by Michelle Munro I’ve been sitting here looking at a blank document for some time…What to write? What would you ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-07-19 - 2 comments

Fearless Openness

Fearless Openness With generosity and humor, a practitioner shares her experience of the Enlightened Society Assembly program by Akiba Barberousse I’ve been to weekthüns and nyinthüns before, ... continue

Community Articles - 2016-07-17 - 5 comments

Remembering Jason Lowen-Ross

Remembering Jason Lowen-Ross The Shambhala Centre of Vancouver gathers to honor and remember fellow warrior Jason Loewen-Ross by Bob Stiven On Thursday, July 7, 2016, our ... continue

Community Articles - 2016-07-15 - comment

Somos el Colectivo Ziji

Somos el Colectivo Ziji Dear readers, for an English-language version of this article, please scroll down! por Joaquín Díaz y Andrés Leslie Somos el Colectivo Ziji de ... continue

Community Articles - 2016-07-13 - comment

Boston Shambhalians Celebrate “Midsummah” Day

Boston Shambhalians Celebrate "Midsummah" Day An outstanding adventure, a beautiful place, and plenty of smiles and laughter by Bob Abbott Alas another Midsummer Day has come and gone, ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-07-11 - comment

Staffing as Service

Staffing as Service Tsöndrü Joy Nicholson of the Boston Shambhala Center shares thoughtfully and beautifully about her service experience at the center. Q: What service practice ... continue

Featured Stories - 2016-07-09 - 2 comments

A Meditation on Pulse

A Meditation on Pulse A Shambhala monastic reflects on the meaning of recent events of violence and killing, in the light of Buddhist teachings by Karma Lodro ... continue

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