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Author: Carol Henderson

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Mar 03

Sitting with Dignity

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Just in time for Shambhala Day celebrations at many centers this coming weekend, some fresh ideas about setting up the shrine room to enhance participation for those who sit in chairs

by Stefan Carmien

Part of the mission of the working group for accessibility and disability is to pay particular attention to making the practice environment accessible. Towards this end we have created checklists for centres to make their spaces accessible for students who have visual, auditory and motoric disabilities and made them available on the Shambhala accessibility website. We have also worked with practice centres, particularly Dechen Chöling, to ensure accessibility to spoken teachings with simultaneous translation systems. Where needed, we have done some consulting and provided help with tailoring shrine rooms and lecture spaces acoustics to maximise intelligibility of amplified systems in these spaces. In addition, we have provided individual inductive loop and headset systems for people who need these in programs. All of these are addressing the specific sensory needs of our sangha in order to learn and collaborate in teaching situations. Continue…

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As we enter Dön Season, an exploration of how this time of year relates to a major Shambhalian service organization, the Dorje Kasung by Darryl Burnham, Kadö,  Dorje is a Tibetan word that means indestructible or diamond-like, and Kasung refers to a command (Ka) that is protected by wakefulness. So ...continue
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Inspired to Engage
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Letter of Affirmation
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An open letter from leaders of the Northern California Shambhala community, sharing a statement about recent events. Through studying the Shambhala teachings, we learn that humanity and human society as basically good. Through the practice of meditation, we can experience that basic goodness, gain confidence in it, ...continue
Celebrating Candlin
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Candlin Dobbs leaves her post with the Shambhala Database, moving into a well-earned retirement by John David Smith Candlin worked for Shambhala for about eleven years, making many contributions. Initially, she was hired to head the Shambhala Database (SDB) implementation project, to call each North American center and ...continue
Challenges and Inspiration
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Expanding commitment to accessibility at Shambhala’s land centers by Stefan Carmien Our community has always been aware of the challenges that some of us have faced. A few of you long-time members may recall helping a fellow practitioner up the stairs of the Boulder center at 1111 Pearl ...continue
Heart to Heart Writing
Heart to Heart Writing – HIGHLIGHT
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Meditators gather in Palm Beach, Florida to explore writing as contemplative practice by Tunde Nemeth I’m so excited to be back at the Palm Beach Shambhala Centre after a summer in the Great White North, and even more excited to be doing contemplative writing again. What a contemplative writing ...continue
Understanding Dön Season
Understanding Dön Season – HIGHLIGHT
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When the world is filled with evil, pacify the Döns and Mamos by Russell Rodgers In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is a period before the Tibetan New Year in the late winter/early spring when accumulated karma comes to fruition and societal obstacles arise. This year, between February ...continue

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