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Author: Carol Henderson

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Aug 19

The Liberation of Lowered Expectations

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by Larry Barnett

One reason I sometimes feel dissatisfied with life is that my expectations are too high. In fact, this is the primary reason. I expect, for example, that candidates for President of the United States will have been taught good manners like politeness and not interrupting or calling others names, things like that. And I expect that voters will be informed, thoughtful and use reason in their consideration of who’s best to serve in office. Like I said, my expectations are set too high.

Disappointment comes easily to all of us, and not just due to politics. Disappointment is always just around the corner; my hamburger disappoints me, and the fries are too soggy. My router keeps losing its connection to the Internet. The newspaper delivery was late. My wife has lost her keys, again. My kids don’t call to say “hello.” Like Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosannadana on Saturday Night Live used to complain, “it’s always something.”  Continue…

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Compassion and Gardening
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The Three S's
The Three S’s – HIGHLIGHT
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An opportunity to explore these three: Stillness, Silence, and Spaciousness by Brooke Binstock  When the three of us (Kelly Lindsey, Marissa Knox and I) got together to talk about what to center our August retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center around, we easily settled on the theme of Stillness, Silence, ...continue
Ashe Mahamudra
Ashe Mahamudra – HIGHLIGHT
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Practitioners gather in Ottawa, Ontario for a mahamudra intensive by Nyingje Sheltri Awake to a jangling alarm, grab a quick shower, throw on some clothes, and head out into the hectic confusion of stop-and-go rush hour traffic. Arriving with barely a moment to spare, grabbing a cup of ...continue
Shambhala Shrine Amidst Crisis
Shambhala Shrine Amidst Crisis – HIGHLIGHT
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Working with issues and concerns related to Shambhala Center shrines and images of Shambhala teachers by Barbara Heffernan The Shambhala community is struggling to determine the appropriate response to recent accounts of sexual misconduct on the part of our spiritual leader and lineage holder, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. On a ...continue
Changes Ahead
Changes Ahead – HIGHLIGHT
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A message from the editor about upcoming changes at the Shambhala Times by Carol Henderson To our dear readers: many thanks for visiting this site, contributing your stories, reading the work of others, and sharing your comments. Working with you over the past three years has always been ...continue
Tiny Home Community 2
Tiny Home Community 2 – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.07.18
Part 2 of a conversation with Silas Rose about Shambhala vision, tiny home dreams, and the practice of living in community by George Klima George. Let me go to the practical details: what would be an approximate budget? What do you see as a viable governance structure? Silas. In ...continue
Tiny Home Community 1
Tiny Home Community 1 – HIGHLIGHT
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A conversation with Silas Rose about Shambhala vision, tiny home dreams, and the practice of living in community by George Klima Last summer Silas Rose, Director at the Victoria Shambhala Centre, sold his home of 15 years and bought a restored vintage airstream coach to try out tiny ...continue
Casa Werma Seeks Director
Casa Werma Seeks Director – HIGHLIGHT
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México’s Shambhala practice and retreat center searches for a new Executive Director Casa Werma is a designated lineage site protected within the Shambhala International land-center mandala. Located in the center of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México, it is here, in 1980, that the Druk Sakyong, Trungpa Rinpoche composed the ...continue
Looking for a Home
Looking for a Home – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 08.01.18
Shambhala Tulsa, the first Shambhala group in Oklahoma, searches for a new home by Scott Spicer Our local sangha began in January 2013, and received its Shambhala group charter on June 20 of the same year.  Four years of meeting in various rooms, setting up and breaking down ...continue
Highlighting Humanity
Highlighting Humanity – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 07.31.18
Shambhalians offer a session at a major international mindfulness conference by Heather Alinsangan Several members of the Toronto Shambhala community participated as speakers at the 4th annual A Mindful Society conference this past May. The conference connects professionals in education, healthcare, law, technology, workplace and life with leading ...continue
Endowed Chair at Michigan
Endowed Chair at Michigan – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 07.28.18
New Chair in Tibetan Buddhist Studies established at University of Michigan, in the largest gift for the study of Tibetan Buddhism in North America from the Khyentse Foundation The University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts has received a gift of $2.5 million to establish the ...continue
Fixated on the Future
Fixated on the Future – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 07.26.18
Our fascination with linear time, and the possibility of being present in the moment by Larry Barnett There’s something about the present that’s just not good enough, the nagging sense that what’s happening now needs to be better, is in some way insufficient and unsatisfying. Out there, tomorrow, ...continue
Going Your Own Way
Going Your Own Way – HIGHLIGHT
4 responses - Posted 07.24.18
Gender respect in death and dying by Anne-Marie Keppel Last year my teenage daughter did a report on women in history who disguised themselves as another gender. I loved the topic and followed the studies along with her and found myself really cheering the trans individuals on. I ...continue
Right Livelihood 3
Right Livelihood 3 – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 07.22.18
From complexity and confusion emerges enlightened design by Andrea D’Asaro The design process — turning an idea into reality — is an example of mindfulness-awareness, says Alan Ness, a long-time member of our sangha and a residential design architect. He’s been designing and remodeling homes for 30 years ...continue

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