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Author: Carol Henderson

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Oct 23

Voice of Dissent

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A devoted Shambhalian contemplates the purpose, place, and utility of dissent, the value of disagreeing with the accepted way of things

by Amanda Hester

quotes-graffiti-banksy-slogan-achievements-wallpaper-hd-wallpaper-banksy-free-download-quotes-graffiti-slogan-achievements-hdA healthy society depends upon a healthy level of dissent. Without dissent, discipline and form lose their joy and become simply authoritarian. Dissent is one of the primary antidotes to oppression. Without the presence of a critical discourse, even the most enlightened society runs the risk of stagnation, self-absorption, and ignorance. Shambhala is the principle of connection, it represents the notion of a wakeful society, but it also represents an actual society and community of practitioners; it represents an organization. Continue…

Author Archive

Sad Farewell
Sad Farewell – HIGHLIGHT
16 responses - Posted 10.01.18
The Shambhala Times stops bringing you the news by Carol Henderson Two months ago, I was informed that the post I had held for years as Editor of the Shambhala Times was ending due to financial concerns. Shambhala could no longer afford to support its long-time online newsletter, ...continue
Why Talk About Whiteness?
Why Talk About Whiteness? – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 09.30.18
Shifting the culture of Shambhala, deconstructing barriers and experiencing social liberation by members of the White Awareness Council Over the past several months, the Shambhala community has been shaken to its core. There are things that we can see now that we couldn’t see as clearly before, particularly ...continue
Energy To Go On
Energy To Go On – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.29.18
Shambhalians at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco by Irene Woodward, Emily Takahashi, and David Takahashi Why we do the work of loving and protecting the earth, of attending to climate change? Certain people, certain situations, certain thoughts–they give us energy to go on. The Global ...continue
On the Shoulders of Giants
no responses - Posted 09.29.18
A Harvest of Peace talk on themes of climate change and environmental activism  by David Takahashi First I need to acknowledge that the work we are doing here began quite a while ago.  We are standing on the shoulders of giants.  I have to acknowledge my wife, Emily, ...continue
More Buried Rivers
More Buried Rivers – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.26.18
A second excerpt from the book subtitled A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust by Ellen Korman Mains It would be dark when I arrived in Zamość, a place I’d never been and where I knew no one. I didn’t even have a reservation for the night. It wasn’t confidence ...continue
Buried Rivers
Buried Rivers – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.24.18
A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust; excerpt from a book  by Ellen Korman Mains The center was called Tail of the Tiger then. When I returned from my second visit, my mother went to the door of my parents’ bedroom and called my father out, like a foot-soldier ...continue
Harvest of Peace 2018
Harvest of Peace 2018 – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.22.18
Cheerful Harvest of Peace! From everyone here at the Shambhala Times Every year at the time of each solstice and equinox, Shambhalians around the world gather for what are called Nyida Days, to build community and mark the changing of the seasons. The Harvest of Peace Nyida Day ...continue
Body, Mind, and Universe
Body, Mind, and Universe – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.20.18
Musings on the body/mind relationship in a larger context by Larry Barnett A great deal of attention has been paid to the workings of mind, that curiously self-conscious and often self-absorbed entity we take to be who we are in the world. The widely-held presumption is that mind ...continue
Mindful Education Continued
Mindful Education Continued – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 09.18.18
How mindfulness practice relates to the profound work of teaching by Jasmin Stoffer I interviewed my fellow teachers for this article, including an administrator, to see if there were any gaps in what educators know or understand about mindfulness and holism in education. I created a form for them ...continue
Mindful Education
Mindful Education – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 09.16.18
A contemplation of the current state of teaching and learning by Jasmin Stoffer I am an educator. It has been just over 6 years since I started teaching, and I know I still have a lot to learn. My career choice inspires me, frustrates me, encourages me to be ...continue
No Future Without Forgiveness
No Future Without Forgiveness – HIGHLIGHT
9 responses - Posted 09.14.18
A few thoughts on how and why we can forgive others — and ourselves by Shastri Christine Heming I have been thinking and reading about forgiveness lately. What is it? Where do we find it? How does it come about? A lot has been said about forgiveness, represented in religious and self-help ...continue
The iPhone and I
The iPhone and I – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.12.18
Looking at our smart phones through the lens of meditation  by Phil Beatty There is nothing quite like the iPhone. It is the most popular, most essential and most highly praised artifact in our hi-tech world. Actually, though I’m using the term “iPhone,” I actually mean smart phones ...continue
Wealth of Generosity
Wealth of Generosity – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 09.10.18
by Shastri Matthew Lyon Generosity is directly related to a feeling of abundance and confidence in our lives. On an inner level, in meditation practice, we rest the mind in the ground of basic goodness, the primordial confidence in our heart, our true nature. We can notice ...continue
Fun and Belonging
Fun and Belonging – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 09.06.18
Our experience at Enlightened Society Assembly in Austin, Texas by Aarush and Aarnav Uli, ages 7 and 11   This year my brother and I attended the Enlightened Children’s Program (ECP) at the Austin Shambala Center, led by Shastri Iris Ramos, with volunteers Christian Mitchell, Davis Maynard, and Miya Little. A ...continue

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