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Feb 20

Shambhala Day Talks

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Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s Shambhala Day Address, and a greeting from the Sakyong Wangmo

Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center, February 16, 2018

The Kongma Sakyong, Mipham Rinpoche:

Very good morning, everyone! You are looking beautiful, marvelous.

I would like to welcome everyone joining us worldwide to this Shambhala Day. I know this is being translated, so I will do my best to speak slowly.

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge that we have a beautiful and powerful ceremony to mark the New Year. It is marking a “fresh start.” At this moment I would invite everyone to reflect on your own humanity, to look at the sun of basic goodness. In some ways this is a ritual that we have been doing for many, many years. But it seems more poignant than ever in this particular time in the world, when there is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and hesitation. At the same time, there is a lot of strength. Continue…

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A draft policy prepared by Crina Bondre Ardelean, Christopher Kreeger, Terry Rudderham, Alexis Shotwell. SECTION ONE View: Preventing sexual misconduct and harm Creating enlightened society implies establishing a community where many forms of interpersonal harm don’t happen; this policy addresses, in particular, the prevention of and response to sexual ...continue
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This has been a very dark dön season for many people. It has exposed a tremendous amount of pain that people have experienced both in the Shambhala community and in the greater world. Having the Shambhala community as the focal point for the majority of my life, ...continue
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Women's March Los Angeles
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Shambhalians participate in the LA Women’s March, offering a meditation flash mob to accompany the main event by Jason Elias On Saturday, January 20, 2018,  hundreds of thousands of people showed up for the Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles (local news station KTLA estimated participation at 400,000). ...continue
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Reflections on the role and purpose of the Dorje Kasung by Larry Steele John Gilvar, commander of Seattle Shambhala’s Dorje Kasung, recently was telling me about the Container Principle. It’s the Buddhist idea that people meditating together naturally create a zone of heightened awareness: a container. As he talked, ...continue
New Year Limbo
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Preparing for the Tibetan New Year by Max Roberts-Zirker This time of year is a sort of ‘new year limbo’ for Shambhalians, having just started a new Gregorian calendar year while still wrapping up the Tibetan year of the Fire Bird. Instead of trying to think of which ...continue
Heartfelt Practice of Generosity
Heartfelt Practice of Generosity – HIGHLIGHT
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Shambhala Trust provides funds for four projects at Fall 2017 meeting by Gregory Lubkin On the weekend of December 1-3, 2017, the Shambhala Trust held its semi-annual meeting at the Los Angeles home of Trust member Gregory Lubkin.  During the weekend, the Trust invited some of the Southern California ...continue

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