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May 27

Lincoln in the Bardo

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review of a George Saunders novel

by Michelle Welch

I’m often on the lookout for Buddhist-themed novels, and Lincoln in the Bardo is a new novel that received numerous critical accolades. More recently, Lion’s Roar magazine featured an interview with the author, George Saunders. I was particularly drawn to the novel after I attended a sukhavati ceremony, which is intended to help a deceased person in their passage through the bardo. In Tibetan Buddhist thought, the bardo is an intermediate state where the deceased await rebirth. Continue…

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Part Two of an interview on aging and meditative practice, with Acharya Han de Wit by Adrienne Chang AC:  What role does your practice and the Buddhadharma have in aging—how do they help the adjustment process? HW:  Being aware. Practice helps in that sense. Practice helps you have a ...continue

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