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Jul 02

Community Care

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On March 19, the Kalapa Council — the governing body of the Shambhala international community — announced a new effort to address issues of past harm in our community, and to refine and bolster existing policies and procedures to create safer environments for our members and program participants.

The intention of this effort is to:

  • Create safe spaces to listen to those who have experienced harm and who have not felt heard by Shambhala leadership in the past.
  • Create new strategies, policies, and procedures for working with sexual misconduct based these conversations, with input from the community and guidance from third-party organizations.
  • Reach out to individuals who have shared serious allegations of past abuses and, if possible, work together to determine a path forward with investigating these claims. Such an investigation could include oversight or direct services from a third-party expert.
  • Create mandatory training for all leaders including the Kalapa Council, European Council, Guides, Meditation Instructors, Teachers, Center Directors and other office holders.
  • Create support and training programs for regional and local leaders throughout our global community.
  • Create spaces for our community to heal by sharing personal experiences and asking questions to leadership.
  • Explore restorative and transformative justice methods.

The Kalapa Council will continue to communicate next steps in this process with Shambhala members via e-mail and on this webpage. Continue…

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