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Dec 20

The Path of Unconditional Healing

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pink lotus with white butterflyA Journey of Illness and Discovery
by Jeff Rubin, New York City

I still remember quite vividly the scene in the doctor’s office eleven years ago. After conducting a series of tests, she informed me that she was almost certain that I had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). If she was correct, this was an almost guaranteed painful death within 3-5 years. She explained that she required one more test at a later date to confirm her findings, but by then, filled with dread and abject terror, I was barely able to hear. However, I was certain of one thing: I would never return for that test. My thinking, deluded or not, was “why confirm an illness that has no known cause and no known cure?” It turns out I was fortunate – I never did go back, and over the years, it became less and less likely that I had ALS, until finally in 2010, I received a different diagnosis. Let me get to that later. Continue…

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Painting the Sky

Painting the Sky – HIGHLIGHT

By Lisa Johnston and Jane Vosper Master thangka painter, Noedup Rongae, recently sent an update on how work is progressing on the Rigden Lineage thangka at his Shambhala Art School in India. Currently drawings for more than 125 lineage figures, bodhisattvas, yidams, protectors and devis of the ... continue
Posted September 12, 2009 by
Vehicles for Charity

Vehicles for Charity – HIGHLIGHT

The fleet of trucks at Shambhala Mountain Center is aging and new vehicles are urgently needed. Currently most if not all vehicles have well over 100,000 miles on them. Given the deteriorated state of many of its vehicles, any vehicle of fair condition would help Shambhala ... continue
Posted September 10, 2009 by
Generosity Practices

Generosity Practices – HIGHLIGHT

By Lodro Rinzler At the Dana Group’s second annual in-person meeting, discussion arose about how the economic crisis has been affecting Shambhalians worldwide. Reports are coming in waves of Shambhalians losing their jobs, their homes, or encountering other unexpected fluctuations in financial stability. These circumstances often ... continue
Posted August 27, 2009 by
The new Shambhala Art website is up!

The new Shambhala Art website is up! – HIGHLIGHT

The Shambhala Art site has clothed itself in beautiful attire for welcoming visitors:  http://www.shambhalaart.org/ It has pages on what is Shambhala Art, the Shambhala Art curriculum and its teachers… Novel features have also been set up for hosting slideshows, video and a forum. More media content will be ... continue
Posted August 7, 2009 by
The Gesar Fund

The Gesar Fund – HIGHLIGHT

Surmang Europe Foundation Becomes Gesar Fund The “Gesar Fund” is a new name for the European foundation within the Shambhala Mandala that supports medical and educational projects in Tibetan areas. We recently broadened our activities beyond Surmang to Kham and Golok and extended them beyond just health ... continue
Posted August 2, 2009 by
Konchok Partners with Your Cause Sports

Konchok Partners with Your Cause Sports – HIGHLIGHT

The Konchok Foundation has recently partnered with Your Cause Sports to create the next Shambhala Triathlon. The event will take place at the Boulder Reservoir on September 12. Your Cause Sports was founded in 2007 by Boulder resident, Brent Herron, after his father was diagnosed with Multiple ... continue
Posted July 31, 2009 by
New Shambhala Trust Grants

New Shambhala Trust Grants – HIGHLIGHT

In thriving Durham, North Carolina, the Shambhala Center is purchasing the building that it has rented for 10 years. At vibrant Karme Choling, the teachings that resonate from its glorious shrine room can now be webcast across the mandala. And in a humming virtual space linked ... continue
Posted June 25, 2009 by
Shambhala Vision, Forward Vision

Shambhala Vision, Forward Vision – HIGHLIGHT

By Lisa Johnston At the Sakyong Foundation we delight in matching a donor’s passion with the aspirations of the community to make a difference in our Shambhala world and beyond. As a community, we pulled together to get Shambhala out of central operating debt. We did it ... continue
Posted June 11, 2009 by
Living Peace Message

Living Peace Message – HIGHLIGHT

“Our precious planet and the innumerable beings who dwell here face an unprecedented crisis … This tragedy affects us in so many ways, but at its heart, it is a crisis of the spirit.” – Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche By Jon Barbieri When I read these words of the ... continue
Posted June 10, 2009 by
Extended Residency: Mukpo Institute at Karme Choling

Extended Residency: Mukpo Institute at Karme Choling – HIGHLIGHT

By Sara Demetry You may have noticed that the length of programs continues to shrink throughout our Shambhala mandala. Seminary went from a three-month program to two, two-week programs. Path programs are now more accessible to people with busy lives, giving students an opportunity to mix ... continue
Posted June 7, 2009 by
Meet the Sakyong Foundation

Meet the Sakyong Foundation – HIGHLIGHT

by Lisa Johnston The Sakyong Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to support all aspects of our mandala’s growth and sustainability for many years to come. Our four main project include: Living Peace, Shambhala Community, Endowments, and Preserving Tibetan Culture. To learn more about ... continue
Posted June 4, 2009 by

Supporting Enlightened “Care and Conduct”

By Irene Vliegenthart The Shambhala Care and Conduct document is based on the view that the Shambhala mandala is committed to creating enlightened society. As well, the members of the Shambhala community are inspired by the teachings to conduct themselves in a manner that brings forth the ... continue
Posted May 29, 2009 by

Opening Doors for Shambhalians Living with Disabilities

The Working Group on Accessibility and Disabilities has been working to raise awareness about accessibility and access, as well as assessing the current accessibility situation in Shambhala. We hope to find out how we can support Centers with accessibility issues, investigate areas where things can be ... continue
Posted May 28, 2009 by Hamish_MacLaren
The Community Survey: Why It Matters

The Community Survey: Why It Matters – HIGHLIGHT

By Mary Whetsell A little over a year ago, the Shambhala Community Survey was distributed as a way to take a snapshot in time of our worldwide sangha. At that point, President Reoch had visited almost every Shambhala center in the mandala. And while he reported that ... continue
Posted May 27, 2009 by
New Community Care Council

New Community Care Council

In the Tenets of Shambhala Governance, it is written “Our shared Shambhala vision is to create enlightened society actually, not merely metaphorically. Socially, our shared path is to evolve an open, compassionate and empowered culture.”  To realize this vision the Sakyong’s Council created the Community Care ... continue
Posted May 27, 2009 by

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