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Bringing Kitchen Wisdom to Work
Bringing Kitchen Wisdom to Work – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 01.23.15
[caption id="attachment_122149" align="alignright" width="300"] Ellen Kahler talking to Governor Peter Shumlin (whom the Sakyong met in June) and Secretary of Agriculture, Food & Markets Chuck Ross – photo taken at the Annual Vermont Farm to Plate Network Gathering in October, 2014[/caption]COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom Interview with Ellen Kahler of Montpelier, Vermont by ...continue
Kitchen Wisdom Expands
Kitchen Wisdom Expands – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 01.03.14
[caption id="attachment_105914" align="alignright" width="200"] photo by Charles Blackhall[/caption] Lisa Harris, who has been hosting the Kitchen Wisdom Column for over a year, recently spoke with Judy Sachs-Sullivan about coming on board as the new Co-Host. Some of their conversations are recorded here to give you an idea who she is, and ...continue
Kitchen Wisdom Begins Outdoors
Kitchen Wisdom Begins Outdoors – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 05.27.13
Column: Kitchen Wisdom In an effort to share the wisdom that many of us experience in our daily lives, meals, and our own kitchens, this column will be including voices from around the sangha, Please continue to join us as we expand our view and hear the many voices of Kitchen ...continue
Kitchen Wisdom
Kitchen Wisdom – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 10.15.12
Notes from the Hearth by Lisa Harris After finishing a year of teaching at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont in 2009, I was looking for the next opportunity to follow my heart into another kitchen. That was when Karme Choling invited me to apply for the position of Executive ...continue
Fearless in the Kitchen
Fearless in the Kitchen – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 04.02.14
[caption id="attachment_114030" align="alignright" width="300"] Afganistan at Conflict Kitchen[/caption]A Culinary Embassy COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom by Lisa Harris, Column Co-Host photos courtesy of Conflict Kitchen, with permission from Jon Rubin Kitchens are wonderful places where we come together and share ideas. Offering food from one’s own culture opens the door to different perspectives of how and ...continue
Changing the Metrics
Changing the Metrics
no responses - Posted 10.26.15
[caption id="attachment_130836" align="alignright" width="225"] Ellen Kahler and her wife Susanna[/caption] On the Scene in Montpelier, Vermont by Sarah Lipton Ellen Kahler, executive director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, is the winner of the inaugural Con Hogan Award for Creative, Entrepreneurial, Community Leadership. You’ve met her before. Ellen Kahler was responsible for hosting Sakyong ...continue
Vajradhatu Oriyoki
Vajradhatu Oriyoki – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 07.15.15
[caption id="attachment_128885" align="alignright" width="300"] Oryoki bowls, courtesy of babblingbuddha.emeraldcity.bc.ca[/caption]COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom An interview with Oriyoki Master, Roland Cohen by Judy Sachs Sullivan, Column Co-Host Judy: Roland, can you talk about how oriyoki was first introduced to the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and to the Vajradhatu sangha? Roland: The Vidyadhara sent out a formal request ...continue
Getting Back to Roots
Getting Back to Roots – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 05.29.15
COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom Dorje Denma Ling's Root Cellar by Lisa Harris, Column Co-Host Planning a root cellar is a big project. It’s a sign of a strong commitment to working with local produce, and taking a big step toward food security. Dorje Denma Ling recently constructed a root cellar in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. ...continue
Learning to Cook for the Guru, or, "Watch the Schmaltz"
Learning to Cook for the Guru, or, “Watch the Schmaltz” – HIGHLIGHT
2 responses - Posted 04.25.15
COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom by Judy Sachs Sullivan Serving in the household of the guru is both a precious opportunity to be in the center of the mandala, to spend time with the teacher (albeit in a formal setting with a prescribed position), and serve in a courtly environment. From 1981-1985, as personal ...continue
Local, Healthy Fare at Windhorse Retreat Center
Local, Healthy Fare at Windhorse Retreat Center – HIGHLIGHT
10 responses - Posted 03.25.15
COLUMN: KITCHEN WISDOM by Lisa Harris, Column Co-Host Sue Firer is the manager of Windhorse Retreat Center, the only Shambhala land center in the Midwest. She is likely to be in the kitchen cooking up healthy fare for all of the participants during programs and retreats. I recently spoke with her about ...continue
How Do the Momos Taste?
How Do the Momos Taste? – HIGHLIGHT
1 response - Posted 02.26.15
[caption id="attachment_122302" align="alignright" width="300"] From left to right: Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin, Carolyn Gimian and "Chef" Chuck Lief[/caption] COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom Interview with Chuck Lief, President of Naropa University by Judy Sachs-Sullivan, Kitchen Wisdom Column co-host I had originally set out to interview Judy Lief after reading her comments to a past article I ...continue
Farewell, Wood Horse
Farewell, Wood Horse – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 02.18.15
[caption id="attachment_122173" align="alignright" width="300"] photo credit: clicheshots via photopin cc[/caption]Shambhala Times Updates from the Inside Out Editor’s Column by Sarah Lipton Shambhala Times Editor-in-Chief It’s been a woody, wild, productive year. A big, powerful, busy year full of fresh energy. You’ll see more about that in the Shambhala Day Year in Review video on ...continue
Stages of Realization...
Stages of Realization… – HIGHLIGHT
3 responses - Posted 12.05.14
[caption id="attachment_120477" align="alignright" width="300"] photo credit: Locator via photopin cc[/caption]...on the Path of Cleaning COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Persch, Karme Choling Cleaning, dish shifts and other regular rota assignments are just a part of living at a retreat center. In this missive from Karme Choling, Julia Persch shares stages of realization for ...continue
Soil's Perfect Color
Soil’s Perfect Color – HIGHLIGHT
8 responses - Posted 10.24.14
[caption id="attachment_119471" align="alignright" width="200"] Peter Volz, photo by Kirsten Boyer[/caption]COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom Interview with Peter Volz by Judy Sachs-Sullivan, Column Co-Host Peter Volz has a long, and loyal history of serving the three jewels, the Vidyadhara, Vajradhatu and Shambhala. I was inspired to interview Peter because of his lifelong service and also because ...continue
A Year of Sharing Meals
A Year of Sharing Meals – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 08.27.14
[caption id="attachment_118063" align="alignright" width="240"] photo credit: bellhalla via photopin cc[/caption]COLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom article by Lisa Harris, Column Co-Host Investigating some of the many places where we share meals, and the different connections we find at each table. Outside This summer I took a long road trip with a friend and her four young children. ...continue

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