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Shambhala Technology Update

Shambhala Technology Update – HIGHLIGHT

a summary of recent work and goals from the Kalapa Information Technology Group by John Smith  Having just prepared a follow-up summary report to the Kalapa IT Group’s report for the Sakyong in 2016, it seemed like a good idea to share some of this information with readers ... continue
Posted July 4, 2017 by CGH
We're Here to Help People, Right?

We’re Here to Help People, Right? – HIGHLIGHT

Announcement of Terry Rudderham’s departure from Shambhala Media, and an invitation to participate in her GoFundMe campaign by Mark Whaley Shambhala has so much wisdom, vision, and heart. We are so rich in the genuine dharma—instructions on how to be decent human beings. But when it comes to enacting ... continue
Posted July 28, 2016 by CGH
Devotion and Crazy Wisdom

Devotion and Crazy Wisdom – HIGHLIGHT

Reviewing the New Release of Devotion and Crazy Wisdom: Teachings on the Sadhana of Mahamudra Available through Shambhala Media written by Frank Ryan In 1963 Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche received a Spaulding scholarship to attend Oxford University. Sailing from Bombay to Tilbury aboard the P&O Line he immersed himself into ... continue
Posted June 18, 2015 by Dan
Providing Funds for Six Projects

Providing Funds for Six Projects – HIGHLIGHT

Trust Meeting MembersShambhala Trust Provides Funds for Six Projects at Spring 2014 Meeting article by Ginny Evans and Greg Lubkin, Shambhala Trust Co-Chairs On the weekend of May 16, 2014, the Shambhala Trust held its semi-annual meeting in New York City. For those not familiar with the ... continue
Posted July 25, 2014 by
The eBooks Are Here

The eBooks Are Here – HIGHLIGHT

at the 1975 Vajradhatu SeminaryShambhala Media recently announced that their first eBook project — the Collected Vajradhatu Seminary Transcripts is now available by subscription. Comprised of twenty-five single volumes, a vajrayana compendium, and a hinayana/mahayana compendium — the eBooks will be published over a two-year period. ... continue
Posted February 7, 2014 by
The Sakyong's Birthday

The Sakyong’s Birthday

Celebrations of the birth of the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche take place yearly on November 15th, or on a day convenient for local Shambhala Centers. This year, personal or group birthday wishes may be sent to the Sakyong, who is in Boulder, by post through the ... continue
Posted November 14, 2013 by
Stock Your Shelves: 4 New Books

Stock Your Shelves: 4 New Books – HIGHLIGHT

It’s harvest season in the northern hemisphere not only for carrots and kale, but also for new books lining the shelves at our local bookstores. If you look closely, you might see a few by familiar authors! Here’s a sneak preview of a few of these ... continue
Posted October 30, 2013 by
The Supreme Thought

The Supreme Thought – HIGHLIGHT

photo by BHH StudiosBodhichitta and the Enlightened Society Vow The Sakyong and Shambhala Media are proud to announce the publication of The Supreme Thought: Bodhichitta and the Enlightened Society Vow. Originally written as the second part of The Enlightened Society Treatise, this book shows us how our ... continue
Posted February 26, 2013 by
The Shambhala Practice of Dathun: A Month of Meditation

The Shambhala Practice of Dathun: A Month of Meditation – HIGHLIGHT

Introducing a new book about Dathun edited by Acharya David Schneider and Emily Hillburn Sell. The heart of dathun is constant meditation. The heart of that, in turn, lies in making a friendly relationship with one’s body, speech, and mind, and in bringing these steadily into synchronization. ... continue
Posted May 5, 2012 by
Weekly Videodhara

Weekly Videodhara – HIGHLIGHT

Infusing the Presence of Chogyam Trungpa into Your Curriculum Complied by Jennifer Holder, with Carolyn Rose Gimian, Gordon Kidd, and Denny Blouin contributing. The Videodhara By Denny Blouin Forget the mahasiddha for the west business: Just CTR in b & w and color, speaking. In your face, your brain, your blood Mainline direct, ... continue
Posted January 8, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Goodbye Shambhala Shop, Hello Shambhala Media!

Goodbye Shambhala Shop, Hello Shambhala Media! – HIGHLIGHT

Shambhala Media has just launched a new website to replace the old Shambhala Shop. On this occasion, we offer an interview with the Co-Directors of Shambhala Media, Terry Rudderham and Emily Hilburn Sell, about the new website: www.shambhalamedia.org: The website looks great. What’s new for users placing ... continue
Posted December 16, 2009 by

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