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People of Color Scholarship Fund

People of Color Scholarship Fund – HIGHLIGHT

COLUMN: Enlightened Society Celebrates Diversity Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the People of Color Scholarship Fund (POC) Leadership Awards Part One of Three article and photos by Mabinti Dennis In this first article, you will find a brief history of the development of the awards. Next time you will read ... continue
Posted July 31, 2015 by Dan
The Barnacle’s Roar

The Barnacle’s Roar – HIGHLIGHT

Coming Home from Enlightened Society Assembly article by Emma Cataford, Gampo Abbey photos by Jacqueline Larson and Naomi de Ville Between June 24th and July 3rd at Dorje Denma Ling, around sixty practitioners attended Enlightened Society Assembly led by Acharya Marty Janowitz and Shastri Mary Campbell. Given the shortened ... continue
Posted July 29, 2015 by
Social Presencing Theater

Social Presencing Theater – HIGHLIGHT

A Shambhala Art Form for Social Change A Look at the Training Offered by Acharya Arawana Hayashi article by Maria Patten with Shastri Sandra Ladley This conversation addresses applications of Shambhala Art in social change work today. “Arawana’s work carried a deep meaning for me and the way I ... continue
Posted July 27, 2015 by Dan
The Radical Path Between Promise and Fear

The Radical Path Between Promise and Fear – HIGHLIGHT

A Talk on Enlightened Society by angel Kyodo williams The more we look, the more we realize how profound the vision of an enlightened society — in which each person’s basic goodness is recognized — is, how challenging it is to manifest, and how urgent the need to ... continue
Posted July 25, 2015 by
Summer Fun at Gampo Abbey

Summer Fun at Gampo Abbey – HIGHLIGHT

Gampo Abbey Monastics Play Ball, Release Lobsters and Visit Kalapa Valley article by Ani Lodro Dechen Like the seasons surrounding us, life at the Abbey is very different in the summer than in the winter. In contrast to the period of deep retreat we engage in during the ... continue
Posted July 24, 2015 by
Our Money Mind

Our Money Mind – HIGHLIGHT

miksang image by Charles BlackhallCOLUMN: Shambhala Economics Welcome to Shambhala Economics, a column in the Shambhala Times where we publish articles on uplifted ways to view and engage in the economic side of life. Layth Matthews who is a long time student of Shambhala Buddhism and author ... continue
Posted July 22, 2015 by Dan

Meditation – HIGHLIGHT

Dharma Teaching by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche We sometimes forget how the Buddhist teachings came into being. We forget why the Buddha left his father’s palace. Dissatisfied with maintaining an illusion, he wanted to understand his life—and life itself. Just like the Buddha, most of us also would like ... continue
Posted July 20, 2015 by Dan
An "All Day" Grin

An “All Day” Grin – HIGHLIGHT

The Shambhala Times is delighted to announce joyful felicitations on the marriage between Koos de Boer and Nicolette de Hoop, neighbors of Dechen Choling in Sainte-Marie-de-Vaux, France. report from Maggie Lewis It’s hard to know how to describe perfection, but you just know it when you witness it. ... continue
Posted July 19, 2015 by Dan
Radical Availability

Radical Availability – HIGHLIGHT

miksangCOLUMN: Radical Compassion Interview with Adam Bucko conducted by Cameron Wenaus of Retreat.Guru and Sarah Lipton, Editor-in-Chief of the Shambhala Times transcribed by Emma Sartwell and written by J.R. Gilness, both editorial volunteers from Naropa University Naropa University celebrated their 40th year last autumn by assembling some of the ... continue
Posted July 17, 2015 by Dan
Vajradhatu Oriyoki

Vajradhatu Oriyoki – HIGHLIGHT

Oryoki bowls, courtesy of babblingbuddha.emeraldcity.bc.caCOLUMN: Kitchen Wisdom An interview with Oriyoki Master, Roland Cohen by Judy Sachs Sullivan, Column Co-Host Judy: Roland, can you talk about how oriyoki was first introduced to the Vidyadhara, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and to the Vajradhatu sangha? Roland: The Vidyadhara sent out a formal request ... continue
Posted July 15, 2015 by
Sakyong Appoints 20 New Shastris

Sakyong Appoints 20 New Shastris

The Office of the Kalapa Court is pleased to announce that the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, has formally appointed twenty new shastris. The position of shastri was created by the Sakyong in 2009, and these shastris join almost eighty currently serving in centers throughout the mandala. ... continue
Posted July 14, 2015 by David_Brown
Dechen Choling Succeeds

Dechen Choling Succeeds – HIGHLIGHT

Celebrating 20 Years of Dechen Choling article by Acharya David Schneider, Cologne, Germany Asked to contribute some words to the celebration of 20 years of Dechen Choling from the perspective of Shambhala Europe, the first point is that my having been the Director — and our having moved ... continue
Posted July 13, 2015 by
Developing a Mind of Kindness

Developing a Mind of Kindness – HIGHLIGHT

Offering Meditation In The City – the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast. In this podcast episode, senior Shambhala teacher Acharya Eric Spiegel discusses the six paramitas: generosity, discipline, exertion, patience, meditation and wisdom – the six elements the Buddha taught as the basis ... continue
Posted July 11, 2015 by
Educating the Sky

Educating the Sky – HIGHLIGHT

COLUMN: Dharma Teachings by Acharya Noel McLellan originally published on broken leaf Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche wrote a text on how to educate a prince, someone who would grow up to be a wise, compassionate, skilful, and joyous leader. The text states that the prince’s education should occur in an environment ... continue
Posted July 10, 2015 by
The Good of the Game

The Good of the Game – HIGHLIGHT

Sangha Member Inducted into Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame article by Cara Thornley of St. Johsnbury, Vermont Allan Graves was inducted into the Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame, Tuesday, May 26th by the chairman of the Canadian Bridge Federation in front of an enthusiastic audience that was in ... continue
Posted July 9, 2015 by

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