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Sitting For the Climate: From the Touching the Earth Collective (part 1)

Sitting For the Climate: From the Touching the Earth Collective (part 1) – HIGHLIGHT

This invitation comes from the Touching the Earth Collective, a group of Shambhala environmentalists. Part 2 will include photos and stories from this demonstration.  Dear sangha, dear meditators, We would like to invite you and ask for your support during a full day meditation session on Rudolfplatz, that ... continue
Posted September 18, 2019 by alexvangils
Touching the Earth: Earth Day 2019

Touching the Earth: Earth Day 2019 – HIGHLIGHT

This year, Earth Day carried spiritual undertones. It fell on a Monday following two religious holidays: the Jewish Passover on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. A collective force has been gathering and gathering, and the cry is one that is starting to feel oceanic—these salty tears, this salty ocean. The rivers ... continue
Posted April 29, 2019 by alexvangils


M’bongui , a dance performance with music composed by Herbert Elsky and choreography by Sophie Fougère-Darcy, took place on February 15th at the 300 seat Mégisserie theater in St Junien (Limousin, France). M’Bongui M’bongui is a traditional Congolese dance ceremony that was practiced before and after a hunt.  ... continue
Posted March 3, 2013 by luz_rodriguez
10 Years And Counting…

10 Years And Counting… – HIGHLIGHT

by Irene Woodard Eleven years have passed since 9/11. I had not been down to the site for almost that many. Last week I took my children, Max, 25, and Catherine, 21, for our first visit to the memorial, ground zero. I cried. The memorial – the ... continue
Posted August 29, 2012 by
The Earth Is Always Rising In Shambhala

The Earth Is Always Rising In Shambhala – HIGHLIGHT

Commemorating Earth Day by David Wimberly The Earth is always rising in Shambhala. This iconic photograph, taken from space, of the lushly living blue-green earth rising over the starkly lifeless moonscape so vividly changed the consciousness of humanity about what we are in this universe. Today the teachings ... continue
Posted April 28, 2012 by
Environmental Sustainability and Shambhala

Environmental Sustainability and Shambhala

Commemorating Earth Day from the Shambhala Kalapa Council On the occasion of Earth Day 2012, we are delighted to share with our entire community a fresh initiative for the whole of Shambhala to engage meaningfully with the pressing need for environmental sustainability. In his Earth Day message this year ... continue
Posted April 25, 2012 by
A Slightly Different 99 Percent

A Slightly Different 99 Percent – HIGHLIGHT

Commemorating Earth Day GreenFaith Fellowship: Chapter 2 Reports on an Environmental Justice Retreat click here to read the first story by Irene Woodard Newark International is the airport I generally leave from to go on Shambhala retreats and send my kids to Sun Camp. This past November, I went on ... continue
Posted April 21, 2012 by
A Mahamudra Weekend of Joy

A Mahamudra Weekend of Joy – HIGHLIGHT

Recently, in Santa Rosa, California, a group of practitioners gathered to go deeper into the profound teachings and practice of mahamudra. This article by Peter Dobbin of the San Francisco Shambhala Center sheds a little light for us on what that experience was like. For three days ... continue
Posted January 25, 2012 by
Answering a Call of Our Time

Answering a Call of Our Time – HIGHLIGHT

Irene Woodard, member of the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York City, has been named a GreenFaith Fellow and will join the class of 2012 in the GreenFaith Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Program is the only comprehensive education and training program in the United States to ... continue
Posted October 28, 2011 by
Exploring Pure Perception at Senge Ling

Exploring Pure Perception at Senge Ling – HIGHLIGHT

By Russell Rodgers One of the key commitments in vajrayana Buddhism is to experience the world as sacred. Sacred in this context doesn’t mean that some deity proclaimed it so; it just is, primordially, in the present moment of fresh, pristine awareness. In our business, however, we ... continue
Posted March 23, 2011 by Michael Foster
One Centre, One Global Sustainability Effort

One Centre, One Global Sustainability Effort – HIGHLIGHT

A look at the sustainability effort at the Halifax Shambhala Centre By Richard Peisinger The central focus of the Halifax Shambhala Centre Sustainability Initiative, formed in 2007, is to support conditions for success at the World Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen from December 11-14. To send ... continue
Posted December 4, 2009 by
Buddhadharma and the Planetary Crisis

Buddhadharma and the Planetary Crisis – HIGHLIGHT

We begin our theme on the Buddhist Response to Climate Change, with an excerpt from the new book, A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency, edited by John Stanley, David R. Loy, and Gyurme Dorje. From the introduction, by David R. Loy and John Stanley If ... continue
Posted December 1, 2009 by Jennifer Holder
Touching the Earth, France : 2009 Activities Report

Touching the Earth, France : 2009 Activities Report

For the group Toucher la Terre, France, the year 2009 was marked by the actual launch of its activities, as the group initiated projects and provided technical assistance for their implementation. continue
Posted November 17, 2009 by Rinchen Dug Pamo
Touching the Earth in Mexico

Touching the Earth in Mexico – HIGHLIGHT

By John Perkins and Margaretta Sander In the central mountains of  Mexico the town of San Miguel de Allende sits against the hills of the high desert plain.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel is consistently on the Conde Nast list of top 10 cities. It ... continue
Posted August 11, 2009 by
The Sakyong on signing declaration on climate change

The Sakyong on signing declaration on climate change – HIGHLIGHT

By Touching the Earth Working Group In the winter of 2008, Buddhadharma magazine published an appeal for an international Buddhist conference in response to the growing risks of climate change. Following this appeal, a document was drafted with the input of over 20 Buddhist teachers, culminating in ... continue
Posted July 10, 2009 by

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