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Feb 09

Confidence, Inspiration, Vulnerability

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Reflections from the leadership program “Magnetizing Enlightened Society”

by Larry Steele

Sunlight pouring through the windows lights the bamboo floor of Seattle Shambhala Center shrine room. Green leaves shimmer with life outside. And, of course, it is raining. Thirty-five straight-backed meditators breathe out, flowing with Shastri Trinley Busby’s guided meditation. “Feel your emotion in your belly,” she says. “Is it confidence, inspiration, vulnerability? Feel it in your lungs as you breathe out.”

Confidence, inspiration, and vulnerability. They are three possible characteristics of leadership observed by Deputy Minister Cynthia MacKay in a program of leadership teachings called Magnetizing Enlightened Society. MacKay, who is Deputy Minister of Shambhala’s Pillar of Government and a former Los Angeles Center Director, guides each meditator to feel their own vision of enlightened society. Continue…

Author Archive

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Reflections on the role and purpose of the Dorje Kasung by Larry Steele John Gilvar, commander of Seattle Shambhala’s Dorje Kasung, recently was telling me about the Container Principle. It’s the Buddhist idea that people meditating together naturally create a zone of heightened awareness: a container. As he talked, ...continue
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Preparing for the Tibetan New Year by Max Roberts-Zirker This time of year is a sort of ‘new year limbo’ for Shambhalians, having just started a new Gregorian calendar year while still wrapping up the Tibetan year of the Fire Bird. Instead of trying to think of which ...continue
Heartfelt Practice of Generosity
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Shambhala Trust provides funds for four projects at Fall 2017 meeting by Gregory Lubkin On the weekend of December 1-3, 2017, the Shambhala Trust held its semi-annual meeting at the Los Angeles home of Trust member Gregory Lubkin.  During the weekend, the Trust invited some of the Southern California ...continue
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Creating Enlightened Society is the work of fully welcoming ourselves, each other, and our lineages by Kelsey Blackwell We came from Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, Canada and beyond. Traveling to Sky Lake Retreat Center in New York’s Hudson Valley, we were not deterred by the bomb ...continue
Tears and Joy in Cologne
Tears and Joy in Cologne – HIGHLIGHT
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Elder practitioners gather to share their inspirations, concerns, and delights by Petra Hunsche and Josje Pollmann The first ‘Gathering of Elders’ in Cologne will be remembered as a warm and empowering experience. About twenty-five elder sangha members from different European countries participated in this joyful meeting during a ...continue
Teen Retreat in Winter
Teen Retreat in Winter – HIGHLIGHT
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Teens gather for practice and conversation in the depths of a cold and snowy Vermont winter by Anne-Marie Keppel Through guidance, inquiry and activities built from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s new book, The Lost Art of Good Conversation, the Winter Teen Retreat at Karmé Chöling was an incredibly rich program. Seventeen ...continue
Aglow with Light
Aglow with Light – HIGHLIGHT
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The Sakyong Wangmo, Jetsun Drukmo and Jetsun Yuda celebrate Children’s Day in Boulder, Colorado by Marissa Montagna The Boulder Shambhala Center was aglow with light as the darkness of the Winter Solstice arrived. Children and their families entered the Shambhala Center enchanted by the spirit of warmth, playfulness, and ...continue
In Appreciation of Quiet
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A few thoughts on the delights and sufferings associated with the sounds around us by Larry Barnett I like quiet. I don’t mean the complete silence of any sound whatsoever, but the quiet of the natural world. I find the sound of leaves rustling in the wind comforting. ...continue
Peace NOW Symposium
Peace NOW Symposium – HIGHLIGHT
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Celebrating a successful event in Vienna, reflecting on the experience, and laying plans for the future by Joanna Francis Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche had no hesitation when he was asked when peace should happen during the Peace NOW Symposium in Vienna, “Creating Peace in Difficult Times.” The answer was ...continue
Intention and Motivation
Intention and Motivation – HIGHLIGHT
no responses - Posted 01.04.18
The second of two excerpts from An Ocean of Blessings, a book of teachings by Penor Rinpoche; this one emphasizes the practice of Dharma We already possess enlightened mind, buddha nature; it has been there from the very beginning, but we cannot see it because of our ...continue

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