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Jul 19

The 2021 Shambhala Annual Report

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Dear Shambhala Members and Friends,

We are pleased to share the 2021 Shambhala Annual Report with you, which outlines the activity of the Shambhala nonprofit organization during the 2021 calendar year. Click here to download a PDF copy. Translated versions of the Annual Report will be available soon.

The last few years have been very challenging for our community, and we have been in a holding pattern for some time now. It is only recently that there has been more clarity around our path forward. 

As announced in the recent Joint Statement on Mediation Settlement, on December 21, 2021, the Shambhala and Sakyong Potrang Boards agreed to settle the mediation process begun in August, 2021. This agreement creates a more independent Shambhala Board, gives Shambhala a license to continue to use the trademark “Shambhala” and leaves open the possibility of further communication between the two Boards. The Shambhala Board shared this communication, Moving Forward As A Community Post Mediation, shortly after the mediation completed. 

As a Board, we are committed to supporting a community and organization that is aligned with the principles of basic goodness, warriorship, and enlightened society so that we can be of the most possible benefit to one another and the wider world. Although these possibilities are full of challenges, we feel it is more than a worthy path we hope we can all take together. For it is only together that we can create a truly kind, just, and caring society.

Thank you for joining us on the journey ahead!

The Shambhala Board of Directors

Mark Blumenfeld
Susan Engel
Lilly Gleich
Peter Nowak
Susan Ryan
Paulina Varas

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Community Garden Reaps Rewards in Spades

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The Practice of Losing My Job

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Habitual Patterns by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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Confidence by Steve Clorfeine

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"How do you put the soap back in the dish?" and other short stories by Herb Elsky

“How do you put the soap back in the dish?” and other short stories by Herb Elsky

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Meeting the Guru I Never Knew

Meeting the Guru I Never Knew – HIGHLIGHT

The Vidyadhara’s presence is so profoundly with us, as the Sakyong says in THE DIRECT ANTIDOTE: “He is, in fact, here in the present, now more than ever. Even though many people… have never met him, he somehow has seeped into their inspiration.” How did you ... continue
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