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Feb 23

Dying Well: A Book and Community Conversation

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With Richard Reoch and Ron Schultz

Article by Ron Schultz

“I thought I was preparing for death. And in reality, I learned I was preparing to live more fully.”

When Richard Reoch wrote Dying Well, his impetus was an awareness that people didn’t know what to say to people dying or to those diagnosed with a terminal illness. ”There’s a kind of fear or inhibition that grips people emotionally and mentally,” Richard said via Zoom from his London home. “It’s almost like their vocal chords seize up when they are told they have a terminal illness or when they get the news that someone has died. Afterwards they often feel that whatever they said was either superficial or not what they felt in their hearts. I began to realize that there are many ways in which one can express what is in one’s heart.”

The original publisher of Dying Well, Gaia Books, pioneered books on complementary medicine and healing therapies from herbs and oils, to breathwork and massage. “I thought these therapies could be beneficial in the care of the dying,” Richard told me, “as well as those caring for them. For example, we can communicate through touch, through our energetic presence, through meditative practices and through the ability to be still, present, and completely accommodating in support of the person on their journey.”

This was timely information when the book was written and even more so today when the ravages of a pandemic have made us all come face to face with our mortality. The Eightfold Collection, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers, specializing in bringing back out of print books on mindfulness, meditation and the Buddhist Path, came to Richard and offered to republish the book. It was clear that now was the time to give Dying Well an auspicious rebirth. Continue…

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All Ages and Abilities Have a Home in Shambhala!

All Ages and Abilities Have a Home in Shambhala! – HIGHLIGHT

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of articles on Aging in Shambhala. It is an interview with Mary Whetsell, Director of the Shambhala Office of Societal Health and Well-Being. Ms. Whetsell oversees the community-focused international working groups for the Shambhala mandala, including those dealing ... continue
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Running with the Mind of Meditation on Solitary Retreat

Running with the Mind of Meditation on Solitary Retreat – HIGHLIGHT

miksangby Fay Octavia Elliott All joy in this world comes from wanting others to be happy, and all suffering in this world comes from wanting only oneself to be happy. ~ Shantideva The companion book I brought along on my first ever solitary retreat was Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s new book Running with ... continue
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Fort Collins Shambhala Center Hosts SMC Evacuees

Fort Collins Shambhala Center Hosts SMC Evacuees

The Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center was a host center for nearly 20 Shambhala Mountain Center staff members who were part of a large group evacuated during the Colorado High Park fire near SMC this past June. The refugees (the group quickly renamed themselves ‘refugees’ — instead ... continue
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Dear Rinpoche – HIGHLIGHT

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photo by Charles Blackhall

Daddy’s Girl – HIGHLIGHT

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A Midsummer Night's Donkey

A Midsummer Night’s Donkey – HIGHLIGHT

Ladder-ball practice at Karme CholingCelebrating the Beginning of Summer Shambhala Centers and communities around the world celebrated the beginning of summer this last week with Midsummer Day. This sampling of stories and photos from around the mandala represents just a few of the events. Want to share ... continue
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Midsummer: Halifax

Midsummer: Halifax

Midsummers Day 2012 in Halifax was heralded by sunshine and a cool breeze. A rousing lhasang started off the day, followed by a picnic and children’s games. We further celebrated the day swinging, sashaying and do-si-do-ing with live contra dance band, Papilio, who sent us home ... continue
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Midsummer: Atlanta and Boston

Midsummer: Atlanta and Boston

from Rhett Huber, Marketing and Communications at the Atlanta Shambhala Center photos by Andy Richard and Laura DeMercurio Here in Atlanta, we had a great Midsummer Day celebration. We enjoyed a parade with our little band after the lhasang ceremony, which was led by kasung members Harry Tate ... continue
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Midsummer: Fredericton

Midsummer: Fredericton

by David Seabrook, Director of the Fredericton Shambhala Center On Sunday, June 17th, the Fredericton Shambhala Meditation Center celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Under a glorious blue sky, surrounded by a carefully-tended garden in bloom, our community of practitioners, along with family and friends, gathered to enjoy a morning ... continue
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Midsummer: Casa Werma

Midsummer: Casa Werma

from Craig Morman and Faith Killough, Co-Directors of Casa Werma in Patzcuaro, Mexico Here at Casa Werma in Pátzcuaro, Mexico, we invited neighbors and friends from Pátzcuaro and nearby villages to a potluck in celebration of the first day of summer. The day was a bit rainy ... continue
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by Stanislav Yasinskiy

The Extraordinary Discovery of Ordinary Magic – HIGHLIGHT

AUTHOR CORRECTION: by Joe Mauricio, Director of the Baltimore Shambhala Center Coming upon a small bird building a nest the other day, I stopped and marveled at how simple and perfect my world was. Okay. That’s a fairly obvious observation. What made this particularly meaningful to me ... continue
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photo by Charles Blackhall

An Elder Warrior’s Marathon – HIGHLIGHT

This article was kindly submitted by Shastri Susan Chapman, one of four shastris (senior teachers) appointed by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche to serve the Pacific Northwest region of Shambhala. by Shastri Susan Chapman Seven months ago my father’s life took a dramatic turn and he’s now confined to a ... continue
Posted June 9, 2012 by

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