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Jan 22

Time to Stand Up

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Inspired by online course EcoSattva 2016, offered by One Earth Sangha, which is still available and strongly recommended by the author.  Thanissara is one of the principle teachers of the course.  The title and final paragraph are paraphrased from her book Time to Stand Up.

by Camilo Marquez

How do we bring our individual consciousness and journey into community?  How does sangha support the effort to create enlightened society?  How do right thought and right action resonate, reverberate, and reflect through social engagement?

To answer these questions, some knowledge, understanding and attitudinal reflection are necessary.  Buddhist cosmology is timeless, seamless, and interrelated in history across boundaries, species, and systems.  It can speak directly to the way these connections have been ignored and denied in order to foster the separateness that facilitated the exploitation of the earth and its different peoples, leaving us divided and degraded. Continue…

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K.O.S. Energy


Bill Scheffel reflects on the Shambhala teachings of Chogyam Trungpa (whom Bill refers to throughout the article as “Lord Mukpo”, his family name and the name he often used when teaching Shambhala Training). This essay was inspired by extended periods of time Bill spent in ... continue
Posted April 27, 2010 by
Naropa and Education for Gross National Happiness

Naropa and Education for Gross National Happiness – HIGHLIGHT

Jennifer Holder interviews Naropa University professors Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown and Richard Brown about their work in Bhutan. In recent years, the deep connection between Naropa University and Bhutan has led to an ever-growing relationship, and four members of Naropa University’s faculty have recently attended a ... continue
Posted April 25, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Quake Update - Emergency Aid Reaching Jyekundo

Quake Update – Emergency Aid Reaching Jyekundo – HIGHLIGHT

Lyndon Comstock of the Konchok Foundation offers the following Jyekundo Earthquake Relief Update, a composite report of conversations with Surmang leadership from April 21 to 23. Khenpo Tsering said that the situation in Jyekundo as to relief supplies had improved somewhat in the last couple of days. ... continue
Posted April 24, 2010 by
Thousands of Monks in Jyekundo for Quake Relief Efforts

Thousands of Monks in Jyekundo for Quake Relief Efforts – HIGHLIGHT

By Lyndon Comstock Khenpo Tsering reported that there are now five or six thousand monks in Jyekundo helping with the relief efforts. Although most of them have been involved in digging for survivors or the bodies of the dead until now, or in distributing food, the digging ... continue
Posted April 20, 2010 by
Global Mandala Joins in Prayers for Quake Victims

Global Mandala Joins in Prayers for Quake Victims – HIGHLIGHT

The shrine room was packed to overflowing when the Shambhala community in Boulder came together with local Tibetans for an evening of prayers and candlelight vigil on Sunday night. As the global mandala listened via Shambhala Online, the atmosphere was rich with poignant and heartfelt aspirations ... continue
Posted April 19, 2010 by
Tibetan Quake - Resources

Tibetan Quake – Resources – HIGHLIGHT

On the morning of April 14, a devastating earthquake—6.9 in magnitude—hit Jyekundo (Ch: Yushu) and environs, an area in present-day Qinghai Province that is 98% Tibetan. Recent reports estimate that 1,400 are dead and more than 10,000 injured. According to eye-witness reports, most of the buildings ... continue
Posted April 18, 2010 by
Three Days into the Relief Efforts

Three Days into the Relief Efforts – HIGHLIGHT

Latest report from Lyndon Comstock of the Konchok Foundation Khenpo Tsering is working side-by-side in Jyekundo with Trungpa XII Rinpoche, Aten Rinpoche and thirty monks from Surmang Dutsi Til. The scope of their work has been rapidly expanding in the 72 hours since the earthquake as ... continue
Posted April 17, 2010 by
Messages from Buddhist leaders on Tibet earthquake

Messages from Buddhist leaders on Tibet earthquake – HIGHLIGHT

His Holinesses the Dalai Lama and Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa offer their condolences and prayers for the victims of the earthquake in Jyekundo (Ch: Yushu), an area in Qinghai Province that is 98% Tibetan. The Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama offered his condolences to victims of a devastating earthquake ... continue
Posted April 17, 2010 by

Major Earthquake Near Surmang Monastery

Surmang Shedra in February 2010 A huge earthquake struck Jyekundo yesterday, the closest city to the Surmang Dutsi Til monastery, where Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was the supreme abbot before leaving Tibet. The initial quake of 7.1 magnitude was followed by several aftershocks of magnitude 5 or more. Most ... continue
Posted April 14, 2010 by
The Gift of Unbroken Lineage

The Gift of Unbroken Lineage – HIGHLIGHT

After a pilgrimage to India and Nepal, Carolyn Gimian contemplates the incredible gift Chogyam Trungpa gave us — a connection to the unbroken lineage of the Buddha. April 4th approaches. On this day in 1987 Chogyam Trungpa passed into nirvana. (For those not familiar with ... continue
Posted April 2, 2010 by
Shambhala Time Out

Shambhala Time Out – HIGHLIGHT

Each year, the Shambhala Times takes “time out” to dedicate a special issue to news stories of a particularly unexpected and unusual nature on April 1st. Enjoy this feast, served with a twinkle in the eye… NAME THE BABY! The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo invite the entire ... continue
Posted April 1, 2010 by
A Dzong in San Francisco

A Dzong in San Francisco – HIGHLIGHT

The Shambhala Meditation Center of San Francisco has moved to the heart of the city! The new location is at the corner of Stevenson at Gough, just south of Market Street. As one blogger put it, “this utterly urban location was chosen to connect the city ... continue
Posted March 29, 2010 by
The View of the Sangha

The View of the Sangha – HIGHLIGHT

By Gaylon Ferguson We are human beings walking a path of liberation, and the value of community is linked to our fundamental humanity. As Suzuki Roshi said, “Buddhanature is just another name for our human nature.” As human beings, we are strongly affected by those ... continue
Posted March 19, 2010 by Jennifer Holder
Auspicious Meeting in Delhi

Auspicious Meeting in Delhi – HIGHLIGHT

[caption id=”attachment_16351″ align=”aligncenter” width=”448″ by the fortunate coincidence and quickly arranged the meeting to exchange greetings and warm wishes for the new year. The Karmapa was traveling from Kerala to Dharamsala and had a brief stop over in Delhi. The Sakyong has now reached Nepal to begin ... continue
Posted March 7, 2010 by
Sakyong's International Engagement

Sakyong’s International Engagement – HIGHLIGHT

Jennifer Holder interviews the Sakyong’s Chief of Staff, Joshua Silberstein, about several of the global initiatives that the Sakyong is supporting. As he points out in the interview, “By planting the flag of sanity, all the other traditions and people who prize that sanity can ... continue
Posted February 18, 2010 by Jennifer Holder

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